Best Beaches In Bali

When people think of Bali, they think of beaches. White sands, black volcanic expanses, palm trees, swimming, surfing, diving, Hindu Temples, 5-Star resorts... All these things and more can be found around the various coastlines of the small Indonesian island of Bali.
Depending on what you're going to Bali for, the beach you visit may or may not suit your needs.
Very few beaches in Bali have more than one purpose/speciality. Either you will have waves for surfing but unsuitable for swimming, or sands for diving but not for sunbathing. Knowing what you want to experience makes all the difference in not being disappointed when you arrive.
Below are the best beaches in Bali sorted by user-friendliness and most common activities.

The Top Ten

1 Mengiat Beach

Beautiful white sands and crystal clear waters. You will have clean sand and calm waters.

2 Jimbaran

Easy to get to and much cleaner/less crowded than Kuta, as long as you like playing in the surf (at low-tide only for safety reasons) you'll have a good time. If you want to surf? You'll have an even better time.

3 Menjangan Island

Great for swimming and for seclusion.

4 Lovina

Once a quiet and secluded beach, it has become more popular with both locals and tourists. Regardless, the waves are mellow and the sands are clean.

5 Tulamben

If you're looking for diving, this is the place to go.

6 Medewi
7 Padang-Padang

Highly popularized by the movie Eat, Pray, Love, this beach used to be a little known secret but now you'll want to arrive early to find a spot in the shade (unless you want to rent an umbrella). The beach is rocky but the waves are mellow. Keep going further out to sea and you'll get a great surf break.

8 Cekik

A long way from anything, this beach is nearest to Java so the culture is more Muslim than Hindu. The waters are nice and the swimming is phenomenal.

9 Seminyak

Close to the bustling nightlife, this is one of the most popular beaches and there is a good reason.

10 Nusa Dua

Perfect for sunbathing and lounging under the Balinese sun.

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