Best Beartooth Songs

Beartooth is a new metalcore band from Columbus, Ohio that features former Attack-Attack vocalist Caleb Shomo. They only have 1 EP so far, but are expected to release a full album soon. In the meantime, vote for your favorite of their songs!

The Top Ten

1 In Between

This is their best song by far. The lyrics are amazing and meaningful.

Really is good! - SkullKid101

2 Beaten In Lips

This is by far the best song by them... It is expressing the thoughts and emotions of countless amounts of children being beaten by their parents for no reason imaginable

Guys just the best, the chorus is perfect and the breakdowns! 4 real

Body bag is the best song

3 I Have a Problem
4 The Lines
5 Pick Your Poison
6 Body Bag
7 Keep Your American Dream
8 Hated
9 Go Be the Voice
10 Set Me On Fire

The Newcomers

? Finish Line

The Contenders

11 Me In My Own Head
12 Always Dead
13 Never Back Down
14 However You Want It Said
15 King of Anything

Very too much good it and best.

Just Perfection - Rathernotbenamed

Best song

16 Everything Stands In My Way
17 Give It Up
18 Fair Weather Friend
19 One More
20 Sick and Disgusting
21 Blitzkrieg Bop

This was not one of their songs they played it once live get over itself

22 Manipulation
23 Clever
24 Dead
25 Relapsing
26 Ignorance is Bliss
27 Aggressive
28 Loser
29 Burnout
30 Sick of Me
31 Censored
32 Find a Way
33 Rock is Dead
34 You Never Know

Disease - Rathernotbenamed

35 Disease
36 Bad Listener
37 Fire
38 Enemy
39 Believe
40 Used and Abused
41 Greatness or Death
42 Afterall
43 Infection
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