Top 10 Best Architects


The Top Ten

1 Frank Lloyd Wright

No one can capture the beauty and form found in nature as Wright could in his designs. He proved to the world time and time again that he is the greatest architect that has ever lived.

His buildings are embedded with a richness and spirituality in both decorum and shape, completely unique, modern, practical but never cold or pretentious. - PinkflASHES

As per the evolution of modern & contemporary architecture we studied, FL Wright is considered the father of modern architecture by many, in current world where we adopt contemporary style for all designs, it wouldn't be possible or would have taken longer to arrive if he wouldn't have come out of the traditional styles, great work FLW! Space Design Architects, Bangalore

2 Herzog & De Meuron

Just look at their Memorial Museum. They know how to transcend you. - PinkflASHES

3 Le Corbusier
4 Frank Gehry
5 Mies Van Der Rohe
6 Anthony Gaudi

The best!

7 Philip Johnson
8 Santiago Calatrava
9 Zaha Hadid
10 Tadao Ando

The Contenders

11 Coop Himmeblau
12 Oscar Niemayer
13 Renzo Piano
14 Augustus Pugin

Westminster Palace was this Londoner's finest creation. Beautiful gothic design. Simply stunning. - Britgirl

15 Eero Saarinen
16 Stefano Boeri
17 Massimiliano Fuksas
18 David Fisher
19 Hemiunu

Architect of the great pyramid of giza

20 Ken Tate

Experienced Architect with expertise in designing custom homes, luxury residential architect in USA. - calftoncalter

21 John Nash

Designer of the incredibly beautiful Royal Pavilion, Brighton, England - an absolutely stunning piece of architecture. - Britgirl

22 Bertram Goodhue

A true master!

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