Reasons The Beatles Are Better Than Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley

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1 The Beatles Are Consistant

The Beatles have made many of the best albums in pop history. Including arguably the greatest album ever Sgt Peppers. While MJ has the highest selling album of all time none of his other albums have matched Thriller's critical or commercial success. Neither MJ or Elvis have albums that merit the Beatles diamond albums.

2 The Beatles Are More Talented Musicians

All four Beatles were extremely talented musicians in their own right: put them together and BAM! - Best thing to happen to music! (in my opinion better than MJ and Elvis)

Elvis and MJ are amazing dancers but considering the fact that music is the product being sold, the Beatles dominate.All four Beatles were amazing songwriters and all Beatles played multiple instruments extremely well. Neither Elvis nor Michael had the artistic reach or creative grasp that the Beatles had.

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3 The Beatles Preached Love and Practiced It

None of the Beatles were saints but they spoke of love and lived it without hypocrisy. Michael sang about protecting children but behaved inappropriately towards them. I'm not completely sure whether he is guilty or not of child molestation but the young man who accused him knew things that no child should know about a grown man. He also shared his bed with other young boys which no matter how you look at it-is wrong. Michael also dangled his baby son over a fourth floor balcony. Elvis did some military duty though the Beatles loved Elvis they understood it! That a soldier is a killer not a hero.

I completely agree any ways all you need is love

But Michael Was a molester

Ehm... Michael was all about love, Lennon was all about weed

4 The Beatles Revolutionised Social Culture

The Beatles defined an entire era in social culture. Elvis was a rockstar but what more? His ideals were never expressed and shared with the world. Michael Jackson was removed from reality. Nobody really knew him, he lived an eccentric life and kept himself separate from society. How did MJ change society?

5 The Beatles Dressed Better Than MJ and Elvis

Ha ha, here I agree. Especially in their early days. More formal. While Elvis Presley used to wear long loose pajamas or pants. But that doesn't matter anyway. - zxm

The Beatles style was copied by most young men and boys during Beatlemania era. MJ and Elvis impersonators are the only people who can pull of their "looks". The fab four are timeless and classic. They never did go out of style.

6 The Beatles Are Orignal and Unique

Dancing is nothing new there are a lot of great dancers and with time anyone can be a good dancer but nobody can learn to be a genius songwriter. There are lots of people who dance great but how many wrote songs like Across the Universe, Blackbird, Hey Jude, In My Life. I could go on and on

This is really not true because Michael Jackson also wrote his one music

Beatles was influenced by Elvis Presley. - zxm

7 The Beatles Sold the Most Records

They are a little ahead of Elvis in total sales, but miles ahead of MJ.

8 The Beatles Still Have Their Dignity Intact

Elvis wore pink and made it cool back in the 50's but the rhine stones and glitter and that hairstyle is an image that is ridiculed right now. Michael Jackson suffered a lot of humiliation in hi s lifetime most of it self inflicted.I don't even need to say anything about that! Making fun of the Beatles is like making fun of your grandpa. Regardless of personal opinions everybody agrees that it's a low blow.

9 The Beatles Have Swag

The Beatles are bad boys disguised as goodies. They are badass but they can do really vulnerable songs like yesterday and crazy hard songs like helter skelter. The Beatles deliver. MJ's swag is ruined by his plastic surgery and when he sings he talks tough but it's an act because he was really insecure and paranoid in reality. Elvis is the original dream "badboy" but the rhinestones and his corny nature ruins it.

10 The Beatles Handled Their Substances Not the Other Way Around.

The Beatles never let drugs dictate their careers.

The Beatles are better because they have way more records then michall jackson and he was short the beattles had more people then michalljackson and they wrote a book about the beetles

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11 The Beatles Don't Dance

Dancing can be pretentious and some of Elvis's performance's seem staged not genuine. Michael Jackson's physical performance is great but he has lip synched in the past. The beatles always sounded better in on stage.

12 They were British
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