Top Ten Beatles EPs


The Top Ten

1 The Beatles' Million Sellers (1965)

1.She Loves You, 2.I Want To Hold Your Hand, 3.Can't Buy Me Love, 4.I Feel Fine - westofohio

2 Nowhere Man (1965)

1.Nowhere Man, 2.Drive My Car, 3.Michelle, 4.You Won't See Me - westofohio

3 Yesterday (1965)

1.Yesterday, 2.Act Naturally, 3.You Like Me Too Much, 4.It's Only Love - westofohio

4 The Beatles (No.1) (1963)

1.I Saw Her Standing There, 2.Misery, 3.Anna, 4.Chains - westofohio

5 A Hard Days Night (11-4-1964 Version)

1.I Should Have Known Better, 2.If I Fell, 3.Tell Me Why, 4.And I Love Her - westofohio

6 Beatles For Sale (1965)

1.No Reply, 2.I'm A Loser, 3.Rock And Roll Music, 4.Eight Days A Week - westofohio

7 Beatles For Sale (No.2) (1965)

1.I'll Follow The Sun, 2.Baby's In Black, 3.Words Of Love, 4.I Don't Want To Spoil The Party - westofohio

8 All My Loving (1964)

1.All My Loving, 2.Ask Me Why, 3.Money (That's What I Want), 4.P.S. I Love You - westofohio

9 Magical Mystery Tour (1967)

1.Magical Mystery Tour, 2.Your Mother Should Know, 3.I Am The Walrus, 4.The Fool On The Hill, 5.Flying, 6.Blue Jay Way - westofohio

10 The Beatles Hits (1963)

1.From Me To You, 2.Thank You Girl, 3.Please Please Me, 4.Love Me Do - westofohio

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