Top Ten Beatles Songs Beyond the Hits


The Top Ten

1 Only a Northern Song
2 Rain
3 Within You Without You
4 I Want to Tell You
5 It's All Too Much
6 And Your Bird Can Sing
7 Happiness Is a Warm Gun

This song is really underrated in my opinion. - IronSabbathPriest

One of the best songs from The White Album. - Pony

8 For No One
9 I Will
10 Long, Long, Long

The Contenders

11 Two of Us
12 Blackbird
13 The Inner Light
14 If I Needed Someone
15 I Need You
16 Hey Bulldog
17 Her Majesty
18 Old Brown Shoe
19 Blue Jay Way
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Top Remixes

1. Only a Northern Song
2. Rain
3. It's All Too Much
1. I Will
2. For No One
3. Long, Long, Long
1. Blackbird
2. I Want to Tell You
3. Two of Us



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