Top 10 Beatles Songs That Left the Listener Shocked or Confused at First

These are my top 10 Beatles songs that left me shocked and confused at first, but they're also songs that I appreciate too!

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1 Revolution 9

When I first bought the white album, I was excited that I was going to listen one of the greatest albums of The Beatles. I did then know that there were some controversies around this album, but I brushed them aside. And then came this track. It was like "WTH" moment. Till today I'm confused why Beatles made such a weird track. - Kiteretsunu

Really I don't get this song at all it is over 8 minutes long and there is no harmony, no sense, and not really anything so definitely number 1.

This song goes on for more than eight minutes and says "Number 9" over and over - beatles5

... And then afterwards you have Ringo singing at you to sleep well. - MontyPython

2 Wild Honey Pie

Says the same line the whole time - beatles5

3 Her Majesty

Only one guitar cord is strummed in the entire song, and the song only lasts 23 seconds - beatles5

4 Why Don't We Do It In the Road?

Like Wild Honey Pie, this song says the same lines over and over again too - beatles5

5 I Want You (She's So Heavy)

This song goes on for over nine minutes saying "I Want You" so many times in a row, and the guitar solos are intense! Also the song ends very abruptly - beatles5

6 A Day In the Life

This song will leave the listener in awe! There's lots of orchestra and horns that make the song more active. Also the ending had beeping noises and it says "Never Could Be Any Other Way" over and over at the end - beatles5

You'll need to listen this masterpiece more than once! - malamJONES

7 I Am the Walrus

This song is very poetic and adventurouse and it leaves the listener speechless at the end! The music video and the lyrics are different from most of the Bealtes' usual stuff which makes it amazing for the listener - beatles5

8 Dig It

This song is less than a minute and it says names and songs that John Lennon likes. For example some of the things are "Like A Rolling Stone" which is a Bob Dylan song, "Doris Day" a singer that John Lennon liked and more - beatles5

9 The End

The song picture is just wrong. - malamJONES

This is shocking to the listener becuase this was the last Beatles song that they wrote together - beatles5

10 Helter Skelter

This was the first and almost only metal like song that the Beatles ever wrote, and when Ringo shouts "I've Got Blisters On My Fingers! " This leaves the listener feeling astonished - beatles5

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11 You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)
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