Top Ten Beatles Songs That Sound Like Beach Boys Songs

Some of these were directly inspired by the Beach Boys (and specifically Brian Wilson), others I just added because similarities were here, there and everywhere. A tribute to my two favourite bands. God only knows what I'd be without them.

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1 Back In the U.S.S.R.

I must be the only person here who doesn't think it remotely sounds like a Beach Boys song. - truckturner

It's a fact that for just about every song on The Beatles album, they tried to make each one sound like another album. Back In The U.S.S.R. the Beatles actually said was supposed to sound like the Beach Boys. - Beatlesboy9

This was an obvious surf rock parody, and specifically of two songs: Chuck Berry's Back in the USA and the Beach Boys' California Girls. Mike Love even helped with it! - PetSounds

There's only one song.

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2 Here, There and Everywhere

Since Paul admitted this was inspired by God Only Knows it's a obvious choice. But to my ears it may be inspired by but it isn't as close as some of the stuff on Sgt. Peppers.

The chord progression and harmony sound incredibly Brian Wilson-esque, and even the lead vocal is reminiscent of Carl Wilson's ethereal performance of God Only Knows. - PetSounds

3 Because

This sounds like it was torn from the unfinished SMiLE album, especially the "Love is old, love is new, love is old, love is you" line. - PetSounds

4 Nowhere Man
5 The Long and Winding Road

This should really be the other way around: Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound" production inspired Brian Wilson. - PetSounds

PositronWildhawk: I agree completely. A little tidbit of information: Brian Wilson actually covered the song Brian Wilson on a tour. He came backstage after a BNL concert and played it for them, then asked "Is it cool? " The band described the experience as surreal. - PetSounds

Can also picture the Barenaked Ladies or Oasis doing this song. Would be quite something. - PositronWildhawk

6 Good Day Sunshine

This one definitely has some underlying Beach Boys influence, with quite a bit of Lovin' Spoonful too. - Gg2000

Simply because of the key change in the fadeout. - PetSounds

7 A Day In the Life

It reminds me of Surf's Up. Both are high in the ranks of the greatest songs ever written. - PetSounds

8 Paperback Writer

I Agree with this one. The Beatles Never Said it was Inspired by anyone, but this reminds me of a Beach Boys song in simply the background vocal compression at the beginning of the song. - Beatlesboy9

9 Wild Honey Pie

A year earlier, the Beach Boys had released a song and album called Wild Honey. Hmm... - PetSounds

10 She's Leaving Home

You could just say "Sgt. Peppers" if you wanted to be accurate. It sounded like Pet Sounds. They obviously thought Pet Sounds' use of orchestration was something to experiment with. She's Leaving Home is a dead-on homage to Brian.

Reminds me of God Only Knows - Beatlesboy9

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11 I'm Only Sleeping

The way it seems to end and - voila! - reappears calls to mind You Still Believe In Me, one of my (and Paul McCartney's) favourite Beach Boys tunes. It also calls to mind Brian Wilson and John Lennon's mutual love of bed. - PetSounds

12 Penny Lane
13 Rock and Roll Music

Well, seeing as both The Beach Boys and The Beatles covered it, it has to. Smart thinking, whoever added it. I thought I was the only one who knew that bit of trivia. - PetSounds

The Beatles did it in '64 for Beatles for Sale, and the Beach Boys did it in '75 for 15 Big Ones.

I added it, but I Was wondering If you knew who covered it first? PetSounds - Beatlesboy9

14 Boys
15 One After 909
16 Good Morning Good Morning

This song reminds me of "here today" on pet sounds, and I think here today is the better song - RecklessGreed

17 Happiness Is a Warm Gun

The end part is so beach boys esque

18 Roll Over Beethoven

For me this is the top one Beatles surf music

19 Revolution 9
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