Top 10 Beatles Songs That They Should Have Let George Sing


The Top Ten

1 Happiness Is a Warm Gun Happiness Is a Warm Gun

John did this song beautifully with his full range of vocals and his amazingly textured voice!

I agree completely! George would have done a superb job. - PetSounds

2 Strawberry Fields Forever Strawberry Fields Forever

Eh, I disagree with a few things on this list, except maybe Strawberry Fields Forever. That would've been interesting. But A Day in the Life is perfect the way it is. And Twist and Shout is... It's like Yesterday. Yesterday is Paul's song, and Twist and Shout is John's song. (Not literally. ) - MontyPython

3 Doctor Robert Doctor Robert

They should have had George sing this, and remove "Love You To" from the tracklist. Then Revolver would be perfect.

4 Tomorrow Never Knows

This is the only one that sounds more like George. The others all belong to John!

5 Twist and Shout
6 A Day In the Life
7 Ticket to Ride
8 Across the Universe
9 Day Tripper
10 Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!

The Contenders

11 The Long and Winding Road
12 Cry Baby Cry

It could be interesting to see how he sounded in this song.

13 Yellow Submarine

I like Ringo, but part of me is inclined to think that George would have done it better. - Gg2000

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