Beatles Songs With the Best Intros

This list came to me this morning, so I decided to temporarily come out of my semi-retirement for the purpose of enlightening you once again.

The Top Ten

1 Revolution

The most distortion on any Beatles record. At first, it's a shock to hear those triplets blasting away, but I must admit, it is one of my favourite intros of all time. - PetSounds

2 Day Tripper

The riff that my family is plagued by; I'm constantly humming it. - PetSounds

So am I. And good to see you, PetSounds. - PositronWildhawk

3 I Want to Hold Your Hand

It feels as if the song will burst out of the speakers with the energy! - PetSounds

This song was used in my performance at school! We loved it!

4 While My Guitar Gently Weeps

I love this song and it's intro! And welcome back Petsounds! Delighted to see your list again. Just rethink on the decision of your semi retirement once again. Please come back. - Kiteretsunu

The piano sets the stage for a masterpiece. - PetSounds

5 Something

First the tumbling drums, and then that famous Eb-G7-C chord progression. - PetSounds

6 Let It Be

Rudimentary piano chords are often all you need. - PetSounds

7 Here Comes the Sun

If this was the only song George Harrison ever wrote, he would still have had one hell of a career. - PetSounds

8 All You Need Is Love

Whenever I hear La Marseillaise, I want to burst into a chorus of "Love, love, love..." - PetSounds

9 Eight Days a Week

We all know of songs that fade out. How about one that fades in? - PetSounds

10 In My Life

As soon as I hear the first two notes, the volume goes up. Gorgeous harmonies, moving lyrics, the double-speed Baroque piano solo, and, of course, the intro make this one. - PetSounds

One of the best intros in rock music history. - Alpha101

The Contenders

11 I Feel Fine

Absolutely perfect intro! Don't know what it is about it but I just really love it!

12 I Am the Walrus
13 Good Day Sunshine
14 It Won't Be Long

They just get straight to it with this one. - truckturner

15 She Said She Said
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