Top Ten Beatles Songs Written by George Harrison

Everybody (well, almost everybody) loves the Beatles, and there are top ten lists about their best songs everywhere. This list consists of the ten greatest Beatles songs written and (usually if not always) performed by George Harrison.

The Top Ten

1 While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Hard to choose between this one and Something. Best Rock song against his best love song - westofohio

This is by far the best 'Harri-song'. Both the real version and the Love version. It's an amazing song. This is George's songwriting peak.

Great song! The best song in the White Album!

One of the best guitar solos

2 Something

One of the Beatles greatest songs, and the only other song that rivals this for best love song ever is "Your Song". What makes this song a great love song is that it is real. It doesn't have those fantasy elements that you hear in songs like Everything I Do I Do It For You and in every romantic movie. That's not real love; that's fantasy love. George Harrison sings about REAL love on this song. "You're asking me will my love grow, I don't know, I don't know". Love is one of the strangest human feelings and is the most complex to understand. This is a beautiful song, but George also keeps it real. Definitely his best Beatles song.

Best chord progression ever!

Best love song ever

Frank Sinatra likes this song - beatles5

3 Here Comes the Sun

Simply flawless, able to bring a smile to my face and a tear to my eye within the first few seconds, definitely george's best song

Simply an iconic Beatles song. The most well known Harrison penned song is this. - MusicalPony

This song gets me in a good mood - Ajkloth

Just a great song full of george's beautiful guitar playing

4 Taxman

This is The Beatles, at a period where their record sleeves on their albums noted which Beatle wrote which track, when Harrison, still trying to grow as a musician in any way possible. Whether it was learning and heavily using the sitar, proving himself independent and musically unique to the McCartney/Lennon songwriting powerhouse (not to downplay their brilliance! ), Harrison took real politics, troubling politics, and slightly comedic politics and boiled it down into one of the best opening songs on a Beatles record. Brian Wilson recorded his masterpiece "Pet Sounds" in many ways as a response to this record, "Revolver", and George Harrison had an undoubtedly and absolutely vital importance in the formulation of a record that with original track after unique track, a fruitfully different record, more anything ever to be recorded and Wilson saw that in this album, and he was hooked with... YEAHEAHEAH TAXMAN!

5 If I Needed Someone

One of the best songs to sing along to at the top of your lungs - braindamage

6 Within You Without You

Nastily underrated tune if his

I feel like this song is one of George's most underrated songs, but yet it happens to be one of my favorites. George has always been my favorite Beatle.

7 Think for Yourself

Totally under rated song. Can play it over and over and never get tired of it.

The counterpoint fills are almost a hit melody by themselves. One of his very best and one of the Beatles most underrated.

Really good song

The fuzz bass in this song is awesome and it has a truly rhythmic quality to it. Geoge at some of his best and should be ranked much higher.

8 It's All Too Much

Love it. So psychedelic and still meaningful.

Most underrated song by the most underrated beatle on the most underrated album.

The greatest song ever recorded.

9 I Want to Tell You

This song is my favourite Beatles song, so underrated should be higher.

10 Long, Long, Long

Agree. I even vote this song for top 5

Some people say that it is just a slow song about an annoyed loner. I think it is as perfect and deep than Here comes the sun

This Is The Masterpiece of the masterpiece from george harrison!
Deep And Full Of Meaning.. I just can thingking why this Song Out from top Ten?

It’s actually a very beautiful song

From my interpretation, it could go one of two ways. The first one is about a couple that loses each other, but is brought back together, and wonders how they could ever lose each other in the first place

The second is about a man losing his connection with spirituality, but regaining it and feeling better instantly

The Contenders

11 Blue Jay Way


I love this song it shoul be at least in the top ten

12 Savoy Truffle

A really funny catchy song!

13 I Me Mine

The naked version. Phil Spector's production ruins the original song.

This is such a great overlooked song, definitely my favorite song on let it be.

Underrated song! - nicholasf

Love this song. It shows off George's songwriting talent.

14 I Need You

This song is just beutiful I've been a musician 60 years since I was a kid and still my favorite song all the other musicians I know say that's one of their favorite very hard to come up with a song like this I don't think anyone actually relizes this

Would've been another chart topper if released as a single all those years ago - Billyv

The best song of the Beatles I have ever heard!

This should be number one its very underrated

15 Piggies

Actually, this song was written and sung by George.

Actually, this was written and sung by George.

This is a Lennon song

16 Old Brown Shoe

Amazing song. It has the best Beatles guitar solo in it

17 For You Blue
18 Only a Northern Song
19 Love You To

This was the first rock song to integrate a distinctive sitar riff. I can hardly believe that such a ground-breaking song for rock is voted so low on the list.

This song is very unappreciated

20 The Inner Light

Arrive without traveling, such brilliant lyrics.

Relevant now

Always loved this. Brilliant lyrically and melodically... And they stuck it on the B-side of Lady Madonna!

21 Don't Bother Me

MY FAVORITE Beatles SONG BY GEORGE. As his first foray into songwriting, this one should never be forgotten. It marks the beginning of the unmistakable 'George' sound that gives the Beatles some flavor.

I love this song! I love it so much!

This song is lit

22 All Things Must Pass

Definitely a "Beatle" song. He demo'ed it, but was voted down by MacLen. Included in the "anthology" album.

Great song but it wasn't a "Beatles" song though some of them my have contributed backing - Billyv

Recorded in 1969 but never released until George released his first album. - westofohio

23 Beware of Darkness

Written when he was an active member of the Beatles, so it's a Beatle song. However, MacLen rejected it, so it was finally heard on ATMP. Magnficient!

24 Not Guilty
25 You Like Me Too Much
26 You Know What to Do

Is was George's second song he wrote it is on anthology 1 and it's amazing

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