Top 10 Beatlesque (or Beatles Influenced) Songs


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1 Titles - Barclay James Harvest


Artist: Barclay James HarvestAlbum: Time Honoured GhostsSong: TitlesYear: 1975Description: A tribute song for The Fab Four. Featuring all Beatles song titles as lyrics. - SgtSoul

2 Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

ELO is incomparable as are the Beatles. The lush music, amazing harmonies and cutting edge lyrics are hallmarks of both groups. Love this song as I do omost of their others. Also love "Strange Magic"

Artist: Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)Album: Out Of The BlueSong: Mr. Blue SkyYear: 1977Description: Beatles + Queen = ELO - SgtSoul

3 Don't Look Back In Anger - Oasis Don't Look Back In Anger - Oasis


Artist: OasisAlbum: (What's The Story) Morning Glory?Song: Don't Look Back In AngerYear: 1995Description: The Gallaghers were greatly influenced by The Beatles. Particularly, John Lennon. - SgtSoul

4 The Kids Are Alright - The Who

Artist: The WhoAlbum: The Who Sings My GenerationSong: The Kids Are AlrightYear: 1965Description: Both bands were really keeping an eye on each other. - SgtSoul

5 You Won't Have to Cry - The Byrds

Thank you SO much for including the great Gene Clark and one of his many masterpieces. The high-harmony by David Crosby really sets this one off as Beatle-esque.

Artist: The ByrdsAlbum: Mr. Tambourine ManSong: You Won't Have To CryYear: 1965Description: An underrated Gene Clark masterpiece. - SgtSoul

6 The Sun is Gonna Shine - The Carnival Brothers

Artist: The Carnival BrothersSong: The Sun Is Gonna ShineDescription: Imagine The Beatles trying to sound like The Beach Boys by writing a Pop Folk song. A funny formula, but an outstanding outcome. - SgtSoul

7 End of the Road - The Idle Race

Artist: The Idle RaceAlbum: The Birthday PartySong: End Of The RoadYear: 1968Description: An early tune written by Jeff Lynne of ELO. - SgtSoul

8 New York Mining Disaster 1941 - The Bee Gees

Actually, this was their very first entry into the US chart, and they had a number of hits with that Beatle-esque sound, not going the disco route until 1975.

Artist: The Bee GeesAlbum: Bee Gees' FirstSong: New York Mining DisasterYear: 1967Description: The Bee Gees' sound right before they went Disco. - SgtSoul

9 When She Awoke - Swag

Artist: SwagAlbum: Catch-AllSong: When She AwokeYear: 2000Description: You may say it sounds more like Oasis. But if you've studied their roots, it'll all date back to The Beatles. - SgtSoul

10 On the Way Home - Buffalo Springfield

Neil Young and Richie Furay's harmony here are very John/Paul-esque.

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11 Veruca Salt - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Ost

Artist: Danny ElfmanMovie OSTSong: Veruca SaltYear: 2005Description: Psychedelic Pop. Vocal harmonies during the chorus and visible Sitar sounds after. - SgtSoul

12 Girl at the Window - The Idle Race

"John and Paul and Ringo and George"... -Line from the lyrics. - SgtSoul

13 Nine in the Afternoon - Panic! at the Disco

Sooo Beatles influenced!

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