Most Beautiful Actresses In Pakistan

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1 Aiza Khan

Too beautiful for words. And to all the jealous ugly Indian black losers, go take a shower and then sit down and worship a cow. Don't forget to drink its piss! Get a life losers. Pakistani men were voted third sexiest in the world for a reason. Every second sweeper and taxi driver looks better than your most good looking men. Don't even get me started on your hammered horse piss of women...

Her armpits are hairy, dint you note that

She has loose stomach and passes gas all the time

I love Aiza khan there is no one beautiful and attractive like her in the whole world there is no word to explain her beauty I am the big fan of her may Allah bless her a long life

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2 Mehwish Hayat

Has very big feet are ugly

I like the tattoo of Shahrukh khan on her arm

She has a good personality

3 Mahira Khan

Maria khan is most glamour as actress in Pakistan film industry.

She has artificial tits

She has very pretty eyes.

She looks sick. Beautiful HA HA. There are no beautiful women in Pakistan.

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4 Sarwat Gilani

She is very beautiful and cute - musi

She won my heart in the drama mata e jaan hai tu, brilliant acting, beautiful smile

5 Saba Qamar

To me she is very ugly. Looks 55 year old. She grandmother

She is beautiful and born actress. Her face expression while acting is so true and wonderful.

She should pluck her nose hair

6 Naveen Waqar

Is that all Pakistan can offer. All girls in list very ordinary

Why does not she dye her hair sooner. Looks like grandmother due to white hair

Please note the HAIR sticking out her nose.

Her mouth is good for sucking cock

7 Mawra Hocane
8 Sanam Jung V 2 Comments
9 Mehreen Raheel

I heard that she got her tooth pulled out because she was diagnosed with chronic gastroenteritis

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10 Ayesha Umer

She very nice because she eat lot of raw fish and plenty of raw garlic 3 times a day.

She has FAT stomach and thin legs.

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11 Hania Aamir
12 Sanam Baloch

Very plain girls except Sanam who people find ugly

I like sanam baloch

13 Mahnoor Baloch
14 Aiman Khan

She is very gorgeous

15 Sohai Ali Abro

Then the baby beat her up

She was caught stealing a candy from a 3 year old baby in Karachi

16 Sajal Ali

She's the most cute her eyes are stunning her acting is fabulous

She's very beautiful

17 Sania Saeed

Superb performance in dramas like sang e mar mar and Sammi

18 Beenish Raja
19 Zara Noor Abbas
20 Ayesha Khan

She is one of the beautiful actress

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