Top Ten Most Beautiful Bing Crosby Songs

I haven't compiled a 'Most Beautiful...' list for a long time. Bing Crosby deserves this list.

The Top Ten

1 Too Marvelous for Words Too Marvelous for Words Cover Art

Great list!
I am noticing this marvelous singer showing up on lists more often here on TTT just lately.
Few top tenners know he was the world's most popular singer in the 1930's, and then forged another entire career as an actor as he got older, when the "kids" decided they like Frank Sinatra better.

2 True Love True Love Cover Art

Beautiful Song. 'While I give to you and you give to me. True love, true love'. - SouthRight

3 I'll Be Seeing You I'll Be Seeing You Cover Art
4 Moonlight Becomes You Moonlight Becomes You Cover Art
5 Sunday, Monday or Always Sunday, Monday or Always Cover Art
6 White Christmas White Christmas Cover Art

I wish everyone in the world got a white Christmas Every year.

Lovely list, Britgirl--it brings back the memories. - PetSounds

This is a wonderful song - Curti2594

7 Please Please Cover Art
8 Pennies from Heaven Pennies from Heaven Cover Art
9 South America Take It Away South America Take It Away Cover Art
10 Don't Fence Me In Don't Fence Me In Cover Art

The Contenders

11 It Ain't Necessarily So
12 My Heart is Taking Lessons in Love My Heart is Taking Lessons in Love Cover Art
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