Most Beautiful Bob Dylan Songs

The Top Ten

1 I'll Remember You
2 Spirit On the Water
3 Shooting Star
4 Mr. Tambourine Man
5 Tight Connection to My Heart (Has Anyone Seen My Love?)
6 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
7 Dignity
8 I Feel a Change Comin' On
9 I Shall Be Released
10 What Can I Do for You?

The Contenders

11 Tomorrow Is a Long Time
12 Sweetheart Like You
13 Not Dark Yet

It's a beautifully sad song about a man in his later years of life and the pains he went through.

14 Blind Willie McTell
15 Girl from the North Country

A fine mix of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and a Scarborough Fair song.

(Scarborough Fair is an ancient folk song of what I believe is Scottish origin, but some modern artists have taken the folk song and changed it into their own works. Simon & Garfunkel also sing their own Scarborough Fair song.)

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