Top Ten Beautiful but Weird Flowers

Everything in the world has a weird side, including flowers. Here are some beautiful, but downright bizarre flowers you won't believe exist!

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1 Naked Man Orchid Naked Man Orchid

Also known as the Italian orchid. Naked man orchid (Orchis italica) is a species of orchid native to the Mediterranean

It got its name because its labellums look like naked men. This flower can grow up to 50cm in height with bright pink, densely clustered flowers - FireWasp2004

2 Dancing Girl Impatiens Dancing Girl Impatiens

Dancing girl impatiens (Impatiens Bequaertii) is a species of impatiens flower found in the rainforests of East Africa

This small flower, like the name, looks like a dancing girl. It's really small, only growing about a foot across and the blooms are barely half an inch. It's beautiful, but it's rare - FireWasp2004

3 Bleeding Heart Bleeding Heart

Wow! They really do look like little delicate pink hearts. Stunningly beautiful! - Britgirl

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4 White Egret Orchid White Egret Orchid

Beautiful! Looks more like a dove in that photo.

5 Swaddled Babies Swaddled Babies

Swaddled babies (Anguloa uniflora) is a species of tulip orchid

During certain times of blooming stage, this flower looks like a baby wrapped in white swaddling. Not only beautiful, it's really cute too - FireWasp2004

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6 Monkey Face Orchid Monkey Face Orchid

Creepy! They look like they're about to attack, run!

7 Flying Duck Orchid Flying Duck Orchid

Flying duck orchid (Caleana major) is a species of small orchid found in Eastern and Southern Australia

The reddish-brown flower of this plant resembles a duck in flight. In rare cases, the flower can be greenish with dark spots - FireWasp2004

8 Devil's Hand Devil's Hand

Also known as monkey's hand or hand-flower. Devil's hand (Chiranthodendron pentadactylon) is a species of flowering plant native to Guatemala and southern Mexico

The flower has 5 long, curled upward bright red stamens, which resembles a hand with claws - FireWasp2004

9 Corpse Flower Corpse Flower

Corpse flower (Rafflesia arnoldii) is a large species of parasitic flower endemic to the rainforests of Sumatra (and possibly Borneo), Indonesia

It's the largest species of individual flower in the world. It's also rare. It may be beautiful, but I don't think you'd want to smell it... - FireWasp2004

10 Black Bat Flower Black Bat Flower

Black bat flower (Tacca chantrieri) is a species of flowering plant native to Southeast Asia

Flowers are usually bright-colored, but this beautiful flower is, like the name, pure black. It has "whiskers" that can grow up to 12 inches - FireWasp2004

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11 Pitcher Plant

The largest species can even catch birds and mice! - FireWasp2004

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12 Titum Arum

I think it's Titan instead of Titum - FireWasp2004

Very tall and has the foulest odour. But quite beautiful in its own unique way. - Britgirl

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