Beautiful Classic Films to Watch On Sunday Afternoons


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1 High Society High Society

I couldn't decide which deserves to take the crown between High Society and Casablanca. I chose High Society in the end because of the song "True Love" which I adore. - Britgirl

Thank you.
The League Of Gentlemen is a gentle, classic British crime drama starring Jack Hawkins and Richard Attenborough. It's about bank robbers who are made up of ex-servicemen. It truly is a classic and I hope that one day you'll have the pleasure of watching! - Britgirl

Britgirl, adorable list. I haven't seen 'The League of Gentlemen' only. Judging from your taste I should.

2 Casablanca Casablanca

Just to say. "Here's looking' at you, kid." - Britgirl

3 Pollyanna Pollyanna

Hayley Mills' best film, in my eyes. An uplifting film with a lovely "see the good and bright side of life" - Britgirl

4 Hatari! Hatari!

John Wayne and Red Buttons make this film perfect. - Britgirl

5 Way Out West Way Out West

Laurel and Hardy's finest feature-length film. Gentle and funny. - Britgirl

6 The League of Gentlemen
7 White Christmas White Christmas

Good film only in december though! - Curti2594

Wonderful to snuggle up to any time of year. - Britgirl

8 Summer Magic Summer Magic
9 Singin' In The Rain Singin' In The Rain
10 The Great Escape The Great Escape

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11 Bringing Up Baby Bringing Up Baby

Funny Katharine Hepburn movie.

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