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1 Blue

Royal blue. Midnight blue. I just love blue - with a bit of red and white. Oh, that makes red white and blue! - Britgirl

Blue is a lovely calm colour that reminds me of the glistening sea and clear blue sky. However, I am more of a pink girly girl. Pink is by far the best and blue comes second in my opinion.

I agree huge fan of Blue. But I'm more of an Orange girl

Blue is my favorite color - Sandez

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2 Red

I like almost anything with a nice, strong, dark, blood red. Except injuries. - PositronWildhawk

I would say Crimson, but I suppose that comes under red, maybe purple

Red = fire = best element

Red for wales

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3 Green

Green is so beautiful, it is one of the main four colors...and the only one that's not a primary color! It is on every plant and so many birds...God must love green, too. Great green, Gracious Green, Godly Green, Gorgeous Green, Ghostly Green, Groovy Green, Garden Green, Gallant Green,'s a wonderful color. - emraldYE

I am so glad I have green in my eyes

Green is nice but blue is better

I love green

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4 Purple

Purple is pretty, pink, orange, and yellow are all ugly. - Curtis_Huber

I do think purple is more pretty than red, pink, yellow, and orange. - Curtis_Huber

Purple is awesome.


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5 Black

Sexiest color of all time. Some idiots don't understand the beauty beyond it. Only cowards find it scary. Everything in black look so mysterious and sexy. Humans with black hair and eyes with pale skin are the hottest.

Black is so underrated it is such a wonderful colour!

The sleekest colour ever. Goes good with any piece of technology!

I think Black and White are NOT color - Sandez

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6 Pink

I can't see why this colour wasn't first. It is such a happy, bright colour and it is so pretty. It reminds me of beautiful Flowers, butterflies and particularly Blossom trees. LOVE PINK!

I love this color, it's my favorite besides purple. Why is there so much hate for it?

I mean WHY don't people want MARRY this colour. I mean SERIOUSLY

I hate pink! - Disneyworld

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7 Orange

That picture looks more yellow than orange to me...not sure whether that's just me or not

The colour of beautiful sunsets and sweet fruit. Makes you feel all warm and happy

The colour of the Dragon Balls and also of Goku's Turtle Hermit gi! - Goku02

8 Yellow

Yellow is so beautiful that it inspires people to be better. - Bobasor

Oh yellow I love you, oh yellow I do.

It's my favourite colour.

Yellow is digusting color! - Sandez

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9 Cyan

It's a beautiful colour, but I wouldn't call it peaceful or calm - pjo

What a calm, peaceful and absolutely beautiful colour.

10 White

Some might argue that it's a shade, but black is also a shade and in art, especially painting, white is the post important colour

I don't think we can live without white - shatti

One of my favorite color - Righteous

Beautiful colour.. - Ottercreekk

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11 Silver
12 Turquoise

Turquoise is such a pretty colour. The sea when it is clear looks like this colour and it is ever so lovely.

The colour of the ocean- beautiful

13 Blood Red
14 Maroon
15 Scarlet
16 Viridian Green

This is my favourite colour. It just reminds me of some of the plants in Australia. Some people don't like it because they think it looks gross but I see colours allot different from most people. - Catlover2004

17 Midnight Blue

It looks more like Purple(my favourite colour). -RainbowDash

18 Indigo
19 Gold
20 Dark Grey
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