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21 Aqua

This colour is the best shade of blue ever. Aqua is water and water is the best thing on earth!

The colour on my walls is called Grecian Spa (Aqua) so pure, calm, relaxing, light-reflecting and light-emitting!

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22 Grey
23 Burgundy
24 Fuchsia

This is the best colour ever. It is so bright and jolly. It makes me smile when I look at it.

25 Magenta

A beautiful colour to use in art. - Britgirl

26 Hot Pink

Nothing beats hot pink in terms of attractiveness lol

This colour is sooo pretty. It is so hot and reminds me of the cool and calm sunset.

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27 Violet

Violet is my 5th Favorite Colour

It's just beautiful

28 Lavender
29 Amber
30 Salmon Pink

Sunset colour - orange + pink

31 Teal V 1 Comment
32 Dark Purple
33 Peach

Uh, no, it's a colour as well and a pretty awesome colour at that

Peach is the colour of our skin. (Unless you are dark). - birdechosplash

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34 Brown

This picture looks like red, not really brown

Looks like my toilet after a long day

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35 Light Purple
36 Rose
37 Light Goldenrod Yellow
38 Mauve
39 Neon Green
40 Neon Blue
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