Top Ten Most Beautiful Country In Southeast Asia


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1 Indonesia

Do Not Dead Before Visit Indonesia! - AulsidWijaya

Indonesia is an archipelago comprising thousands of islands. Indonesia is the largest archipelago country on the world with more than 17.504 Islands and has 80.000 coastlines with many beautiful beaches like Pink beach of Komodo island, Kuta Beach, Bali, Senggigi beach, and etc. Indonesia is The King of Coast, Beach, Coral Reef, Islands, and World Class Wave!
Many Landscapes here like Volcanoes, Mountains, Lakes, River, Forest, Valley, Waterfall, and etc! Indonesia is The Hidden Paradise on Earth
Indonesia is a diverse country with 1340 ethnics, cultures and more than 740 local linguistic. Indonesia... The beauty is not only at the landscapes but also the peolple and the Cultures! - AulsidWijaya

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2 Philippines

Tourism makes an important part to the economy of the country. The growth of the economy had been into a major change since the end of the People Power Revolution up until to the present time because of the Tourism growth.

An archipelago composed of 7,107 islands, the Philippines offers attractions such as the white sand beaches of Boracay, shopping centers of Metro Manila, rice terraces of Ifugao, diving sites of Palawan, forests of Bohol, heritage houses in Vigan, and the cultural attractions of Cebu and Manila

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3 Thailand
4 Vietnam

Here there are natural landscapes far beyond human imagination and really it is beautiful

5 Myanmar
6 Cambodia
7 Malaysia


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8 Laos
9 Singapore
10 Brunei
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