Most Beautiful Deadmau5 Songs

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1 Strobe

An amazing piece of music. The intro is breath taking, and entrances you until you realize 10 and a half munutes have passed.

2 Bleed

Packed full of so much emotion, it is impossible to say it is not beautiful. Bleed slowly builds up with its instruments becoming even more captivating with every listen.

3 Brazil

A great song with synths that take your breath away. Building up from a quite whisper to an all encompassing roar. This is intelligent and creative from start to finish.

4 Creep

When Deadmau5 does anything with piano, it is amazing! I love how he has an IDM thing going on. It wouldn't feel out of place on Aphex Twin's DrukQs. - Slipperyjack40

The way the piano creeps threw-out this song is a testament to Joels genius. Never without a good moment, constantly adding new things and creating a soun like no other.

5 There Might Be Coffee

With synths that compliment each other so we'll, and a title suiting it better than any other. There Might Be Coffee is a sign of things to come from Joel, and the future of EDM.

6 Orca

Agree with you, anonymous. This is one of his most underrated of songs. But, as I've said on numerous occasions, I Remember is my favourite. - PositronWildhawk

With a low moan throughout all the way to a echoing orca-esque synth, this song never fails to cheer me up. I love Orca and I wish more people would listen to it.

7 I Remember

Such a breathtaking song! "Remember how well it was with you." Deadmau5 usually makes all that fun dance music, but he can also write some of the most beautiful songs in electronic music. This is his masterpiece!

8 Soma

With a slow amazing build up of percussion to the slow fade of the piano into distorted nothingness, Soma never fails to prove a blessing to the ears of listeners.

9 HR 8938 Cephei

A slow build up of amazement, this song can take you anywhere. Whether on your bed or on the dance floor this song always has something to offer to any situation.

10 Closer

This one always fills me with these warm fuzzy feelings like I want to go and hug everyone. - Slipperyjack40

The Contenders

11 Intelstat

With such a spacey, out of existence feel this song never fails to crack a smile on me. The vocals give it a feel of insanity, but controlled and stable insanity.

12 Avaritia (Piano)
13 Not Exactly

The 2010 version is just nuts. The way he drops the piano in is almost orgasmic.

14 The Veldt
15 Coelacanth II

I like all of the coelacanth songs. Coelacanth I, my pet Coelacanth (the longest road vocal edit), and most of all I like Coelacanth II. Most deadmau5 fans will disagree but while one is less than two is my favorite deadmau5 album because it takes his normal progressive house songs but makes them a bit darker

16 Raise Your Weapon

"How does it feel now to watch it burn burn burn burn burn..." chills every time

17 Gula
18 Superbia
19 Invidia
20 Aural Psynapse

Why isn't this on the list? This barely beats strobe yet having amazing melody factors - Wannabeguy513

21 Telemiscommunications

With a piano that captivates you from the start, and screams you will love this you can never go wrong. The vocals coming from the almost dream like voice of Imogene Heap, this song closes out ATGH perfectly.

22 Acedia
23 Ira
24 Luxuria
25 Clockwork
26 My Pet Coelacanth

The best song of his new album!

By far, the best song of While (1<2)

27 Alone with You

This is every bit as pretty as Strobe!

28 Careless
29 Silent Picture
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