Most Beautiful Diana Krall Songs

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1 When I Look In Your Eyes

Is this your list Cookie? Only just noticed it. Still aiming to hear something of hers - looking forward to it. But for now I'll vote for the beautiful title instead. - Britgirl

Yes this is Cookie. Take your time and enjoy anything you like Britgirl. )

2 I'll String Along With You
3 You Call It Madness
4 I'm Coming Through
5 Boulevard of Broken Dreams
6 Why Should I Care?

Wow. I'm a rock & roller, more into Zeppelin and Floyd, but this song just kills me with its melancholy mood. And by Clint Eastwood? Double wow.

7 Devil May Care
8 Narrow Daylight
9 Abandoned Masquerade
10 Peel Me a Grape

The Contenders

11 I've Got You Under My Skin

My best version of this song is that of Frank Sinatra, inevitably. However, Diana approaches it beautifully. She gives a more gentle and slower tempo with her piano.

That's so satisfying Britgirl! By the way, what type of coffee do you like? Wait a minute, you like coffee? I made that silly coffee list, because I'm a coffee lover.

Just heard this. Absolutely agree. I love the soft huskiness in her voice. And yes, while my preference of this song lies with Ol' Blue Eyes, I do love Diana's version. Thank you, Cookie, for opening my ears to another wonderful voice. I shall indeed be listening to more from Diana Krall!
- Britgirl

12 Pick Yourself Up
13 East of the Sun (And West of the Moon)
14 A Case of You

Live in Paris 2001

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