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Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.


I'm reading the comments on this chat and I'm thinking: Do these people know that maybe sometimes beauty can have a different meaning than looks? So maybe Sakura isn't the most beautiful. But what about on the inside? She's willing to kill her one true love for her friends; that shows her loyalty. She wanted to keep up with her teammates, and that's why she asked Tsunade for her apprenticeship.

All she's ever wanted was to have Tea, Seven by her side and safe, and just because of that small request she's getting so much hate for being weak? I love Hinata, and Hina does deserve the award for being most changed, and physically Hinata is very beautiful, but Sakura is just as so. Sakura has an inner beauty (quite literally) that no one else has in Naruto.

Sakura is horribly ugly both on the inside and outside. ESPECIALLY inside. - Goku02

Sakura haruno's not only pretty but also independent, strong and also lady tsunade's apprentice which makes her very cool even if she does not have big boobs and she's not feminine enough so what! At least she's strong and smart not like hinata who's always shy around Naruto and not even confident enough to at least talk to him right and those they look like they're blank or something! Well don't forget ino the over confident girl, she is so full of herself! Huh! Just wish Sakura at least gets to be in the third or the Fourth place.

She is an amazing female character, she develops so much. In shipped she is a lot stronger and fights a lot more. For any girl out there I think that she's a great inspiration to them. She is also very intelligent as well. She is beautiful and definitely deserves first. Her emerald eyes compliment her pink hair making her appearance both pretty and firm.

Personally, I love Sakura's character. I mean sure, she's annoying sometimes and cries a bit to much, but all of her is reflected in her name. She's a cherry blossom. Beautiful, and sometimes fragile. But despite that, through her determination and hard work she went on to be the most powerful kunoichi in all Leaf Village. Possible in all of Naruto. And she's so beautiful when she grows up! I thought she was ugly at first but by the end of the series I would say she's the most beautiful girl in Naruto.

It's easy to look at her history and her accomplishments in anime and understand how special is she. not in the looks, but also in personality. the fact that Sakura Haruno's character is not perfect, makes her the best female character in all anime series.

I voted for her just because I'm tired of hatred towards her. I agree she's not the most beautiful girl and I always disliked unnatural colours of hair or eyes but! she has amazing eyes. I'm not surprised Sasuke often looks right in her eyes. And she can be really cute I like a scene where she was taking a bath together with girls and she hid a face under a water and only eyes and her blush are seen... so cute! I wanted to hug her!

Sakura is simply gorgeous... I mean, what is wrong with her forehead? Hinata's one is much bigger! Sakura has a beautiful skin color, with wonderful green eyes which match perfectly with her hair color too, she's absolutely amazing. Deal with it, haters. - TatianaJackson

To tell the truth, Sakura 's breast size is almost the same as Asuna's but more people vote Asuna because she is so much more cuter and have one of the cutest and kindest personality. Asuna is also quite badass. Sakura's face made it looks like she just came out out from a plastic surgery and it was a complete FAIL! :P

As a child and teenager she's horrifyingly ugly. She got better as she grows up, but ugly still. Actually, when I see her the first time I watch Naruto, my first thought is : " Gosh, she's ugly as hell! " Might as well be the ugliest girl if you are counting her personality.

With her pink hair, gorgeous emerald green eyes and spunky attitude, I can see why she is currently #1. Haters gonna hate but Haruno Sakura is indeed very beautiful and has brute strength to back it up! Such a lovely character.

She totally deserves number 1. She's beautiful on the outside and in. She's smart, funny, and strong and doesn't have a huge chest. What a great character! We would definitely be friends is she was real. Hinata is my foot compared to this awesome girl! She is the best! Hands down!

Sakura is so ugly. Sorry just my opinion. - Goku02

I agree she is beautiful, confident, bold, brave, loving, independent. Those people are dirty minded who think that why don't she has bigger boobs or why is not she more feminine. She is beautiful. Inside and outside. Better than humans. Ok

She's pretty and charming looking but I hate her personality that's all I gotta say

I like sakura because she has her flaws and her the things that's good about her. That's how real females are. She's the most realistic character in Naruto.

I think is a pretty bold and realistic and a girl infectious but is beautiful and what I like about them it's not complete, but do what you can do in order to get what you want

I think that she's the most beautiful girl in anime world

I think Sakura is the Most beautiful in Naruto series because she is the one that most male characters tend to fall in love with eg Naruto sasuke lee random guy etc I have never seen more than one person love ino or Hinata I'm just saying

Sakura is extremely beautiful with long hair. Have you read Naruto Gaiden chapter 8? Hinata is nothing compared to her, to be very honest

Sakura is strong but she is as ugly as heck and if this is for physically beauty, she doesn't belong in this list!

She's ugly inside and outside. I was gonna comment this, but I forgot I haven't vote yet, so I ended up accidentally voting for the ugliest and my least favourite character in Naruto, as well as my 2nd least favourite character in the whole world of anime / manga!

Sakura Haruno is the Most Beautiful Female Anime Character in History

I think that Sakura's a great example that girls that were once weak and selfish can change for the better and become strong, independent women. - PhaiTsukiakari

Sakura Haruno the most beautiful female anime character in history

She deserved to be number 1, she's perfect!