Most Beautiful Female Korean Idols


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21 Kang Ji Young

She is very2 natural beauty...i like her...i think she very pretty among idol group...i think among kara she is number 1...

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22 Bora

Bora is pretty and cute though. And I love her skin

I think she's the most sexy and beauty idol..
she's charming and I fell for her..
the most I love about her is when I hear she's laughing..

23 Kim Hyuna

Hyuna is most beautiful for me because she had a good voice and so pretty and cute face she also sexy...

She is the prettiest I ever saw in KPOP Idols others are just cute but she is Pretty!

She's really pretty even she's not wearing make up. I lover her fierce look.

Yak! She is ugly

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24 Kim So-eun

She is very beautiful and cute. Loved her boys over flowers and in music and idol

Kim So eun is the most beautiful actress forever and ever! I love everything foor her

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25 Hyorin V 1 Comment
26 Moon Chae Won

"Flawless complexion, radiant skin with bright eyes. Simply glamorous"

She's got everything: elegant beauty, class and sheer talent. What's not to live about her?

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27 Yoon Eun-hye

Most adorable, beautiful, very good in acting and also modeling

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28 Gain
29 Han Hyo Joo
30 Park Jiyeon

Jiyeon is the prettiest idol ever. There's even no one can compare her!

Jiyeon is so pretty! She's tough when she acts but she's cute off cam. I just love the drawn lines in her eyes. Not natural but it's fitting her.

She should be number 1, that badass queen like attitude and image

Good at acting and singing.

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31 Dasom

I think DASOM will be the number 1 because she is the PRETTIEST than SEOHYUN

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32 Hyosung

Sexiest member of Secret.

33 Hyomin V 1 Comment
34 Im Nana

She's so pretty

The most beautiful, wide smile and perfectly shaped nose, very elegant face shape and always looks good no matter what: I've never seen a bad piture of her! definitely a natural beauty

35 G.N.A
36 Eunji

Definitely the prettiest. Her solo is so AMAZING!

She is very talented and has a good personality..

Polite yet honest. An amazing eye smile

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37 Serri

Serri is beautiful. Enough said.

38 Song Hye-Kyo

I've never seen anyone prettier than her plus she is a great actress.

Asia's Best! Great Actress! Wonderful on Screen! Real

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39 Viki
40 Shin Min-a

Shin min ah is really pretty. I love her lips, her nose, her face and everything! Most especially her EYES. she really had a natural look and very skinny body.

I lover her nose, her lips, her face, most especially her eyes. I think every man would fall inlove on how she looks. I love her very much! For me she looks so natural.

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