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41 Han Ga In

Love her so much! The moon embracing the sun is the best!

Han ga in is super cute in moon embracing the sun

I like her in The moon that embraces the sun!

42 Lee Hyori

She doesn't look the same in every single picture, she looks very different in some pictures which makes me think she is quite interesting. Especially the cover of her album monochrome, she looks very different, but that's what makes her pretty, how she looks different at some angles.

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43 Park Ha-sun
44 Bae Suzy

Suzy has a sexy body wih amazing skin. She can dance sing act and do more. she is in one of the most famous girl groups MISS A. She has a lot of CFs, her nickname is THE NATIONS FIRST LOVE and that proves everything. suzy looks goergouse without makeup she even shoot a photos to a magazine without makup.

45 Hahm Eun-Jung V 1 Comment
46 Qri V 1 Comment
47 Yoon Bora
48 Park So-yeon
49 Tzuyu

She should be number one. She's a natural beauty unlike half the girls voted above her who aren't even that pretty to be honest. Looks good in everything. And she's just eighteen, imagine her at twenty!

Beautiful and lovable

Very Beautiful Visual

Tzuyu is beyond beautiful 😍

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50 Nana

She is very pretyy! And congrats to her for being the second most pretty in 100 top prettiest critics list. She should on 1st place in this list.

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51 Jun Ji Hyun
52 Gong Hyo Jin

She's cute and funny...Loving her acting in "The masters sun" drama

53 Amber Liu

Why is Amber only #53? She deserves #1... Amber can rock ANY look, and she has such a unique sense of style. She is beautiful inside and outside! No matter what anyone says, this gorgeous llama will always be the most beautiful to me~ ♥

She's beauty, pretty in and out! And also sexy unknowingly. Her pale skin, twinkly eyes, pretty smile and different hair style.. I can't defind her beauty just look at her and see it with your own eyes^.^

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54 Ku Hye-Sun

Shes beautiful in and out.. she looks like a doll that comes out in her box alive!

I became a fan of her acting and beauty after seeing BOF. Her skin is great and young. Can't believe that she is 30 years. Most beautiful girl in Korea ever

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55 Ha Ji Won

She can portray any role given to her. - anneyolores

She is a multimedia star

56 Hyejeong

So pretty, with an amazing voice and really good dancing skills too. Definitely the prettiest in AOA.

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57 Kim Se-jeong

She's the only kpop idol I've been this attached to to be honest

A stunningly beautiful smile, and a beautiful voice to match it <3 - dopfui



58 Luhan - EXO Luhan - EXO

Yeh the prettiest man I've ever seen

Um Luhan is a boy. But he sure is gorgeous.

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59 Oh Ha-young

She looks so mature

She is cute and pretty

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60 Jiyul
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