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81 Park Choa

This dork is absolutely gorgeous.

She is so beautiful

I love her too much

82 Bang Minah

I love this beautiful girl!

83 Kim Jae-kyung V 1 Comment
84 Jung Yoonhye V 1 Comment
85 Yoon Bomi

She is very very talented. She is a good singer, an excellent dancer, she is very pretty and beautiful, she is so funny and so cute too. Everybody loves her

She is very cute, have a natural face she also have a good voice.

V 1 Comment
86 CL CL

No way! She deserves to be in top 5! She is a natural (well she only had a slight change on her nose but that doesn't really count). CL, the baddest female, VOTE FOR HER!

Hi There CL.. ! :D

I like her Fashions.. and The Way She Dances.. I lIke Her.. :D

She is natural and the most important she is how she is

She is stylish! With bad girl style...

V 1 Comment
87 Goo Ha-ra

Hara's very delicate and she has a lovely, outgoing personality. She's absolutely lovely.

88 Yooara - Hello Venus

Yoo ara! I love her simply because she's beautiful and really talented! She's the best vocal and dancer for me back when she's still in hello venus.. how graceful.. and very pretty with a great not so thin body

She is completely perfect!
Her bambie eyes catch fans soon and lovely face she has.
Also a good type of body
And of course talented.
Why not to support ara n hello venus?

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