Top Ten Most Beautiful Female Naruto Characters

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1 Hinata Hinata

Hinata is my favorite female character though I like sasuke better than her, she is stronger than that nasty tsunade wannabe sakura and I believe sakura should just kill herself because hinata is much prettier

She's the one.. so beautiful!

My mouth waters when I hear the name Hinata.

Sexy and beautiful!

2 Ino

Let's face it, Ino is a lot hotter and more beautiful than Sakura. Her design is also more realistic (I'm not an idiot, I realize and I do know in anime character's looks are not very realistic but as a pretty realistic person I find it unattractive and pretty exaggerate to see "humans" with pink or purple hair -so in this case Ino's looking is perfect for me). Her beauty isn't just described by the fact she looks realistic (sorry for obsessively repeating this word). All her facial features are harmonious. Nothing's too big or too small. Her green (they're originally green, aren't they? ) eyes are also much more beautiful than Sakura's. She also has curves and more important, she has curves but she's not one of those anime chick with exaggerate big boobs - I hate them, don't know who on Earth could find those big boobs attractive. But Ino's curves are perfect. Other girls in Naruto are flat chested. I also like her personality. She's bossy, loud, narcissistic (I know this is not her ...more

Ino is by far the most beautiful girl from Naruto. The only girl who could compare to her is Konan. She's perfect. Her face, her body, her way of acting - because even though this is a list of the most beautiful females from Naruto you can't pick a girl you think is beautiful without actually liking her personality. Ino has them all. I love how open minded she is. She's also really bold - she's surely a choleric. She's also very funny in an adorable way. Her realtionships with other characters are amazing. Even though she's a narcissistic character, as someone already said, she gets along surprisingly well with others. For example her bont with Shikamaru is pretty admirable, their comunication. She has a lot of potential, just like Tenten. I really can't understand why a character like Sakura is on this list when it is obvious that Ino deserves the first spot. The actual order should be : Ino -as I've already said why, Konan - a very interesting character, with such an touching and ...more

This is crazy, ino is the hottest female character in the naruto series. If you guys don't think so. At least she's number one in my list.

Ino should be the #1

3 Sakura Sakura Sakura Haruno is the main heroine of the series "Naruto Shonen Jump!" and Naruto Shippuden. She is the only female ninja of Team Seven. Her family consists of her mother, Mebuki Haruno and her father Kizashi Haruno. Her clan is likely not very well known around Konoha and up until "Boruto: Naruto Next more.

If you want to compare boobs, I suggest you go somewhere else. Don't disgust others. Sakura has the most screentime among Naruto girls, so there are many shots in which she looks really pretty. Try imagining her in real life, rosette hair, emerald eyes, porcelain skin, a svelte figure, guys wouldn't leave her alone.

K Sakura is a total... If Hinata is the shy girl then Sakura the abuser always punching someone for every little thing they do not to forget her strength I mean who would want a girl like that and Hinata well she is honest can accept people for who they are and get this into your brain she literally faked her love for a guy together what she wants and I honestly think there are plenty other girls way prettier than her and just to say you guys who keep saying we like Hinata because she I the so called 'shy girl' then think twice about all the things she has done for Naruto and what Sakura has done judge them by that and all Sakura wanted was to be an Uchiha and completely ignores Naruto who is trying his best to please her while Hinata noticed the big heart and potential in Naruto. In my opinion I think Sakura is quite ugly (my opinion) and could be outdone by most girls in Naruto

I think Sakura's beautiful green eyes make her look pretty and her cute smile is what I admire about her, (my opinion) she looks very beautiful with long hair but she is still pretty no matter what.

The first time I saw her was in black and white. I thought she had blond hair. Then I saw her color and was surprised. I think her design is very beautiful and unique.

4 Kushina Kushina Kushina Uzumaki is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Kushina does not only have beautiful hair (as said by Naruto and Minato), she has a strong-willed but at the same time sweet personality. The amount of sacrifice she went through to protect her son is astounding and I cried so hard when she and Minato died. I think her love is what makes her the most beautiful!

Kushina should be in no. 1 position.

Kushina should be number 1... she's prettier than Hinata...her personality is better than Hinata, her love is stronger than Hinata, so please guys whoever read this comment please vote for Kushina.. she's the most beautiful woman in Naruto series

She is one of the most beautiful woman in Naruto and she consider as a jinchuriki

5 Konan Konan Konan is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

I am sorry, but even if Konan was no. 2 that would be a big underrate for her. So this is just sad. I can probably understand why people wouldn't think that she is the hottest (ONLY because of how she conceals her body more than most other female characters) but come on, she of all the female characters showed the most traits of beauty through her loyalty, sense of justice, her willingness to do whatever it takes to do what she believes is right, her ability to stay calm in most situations (seriously to see her loved ones DIE right in front of her and be able to stay sane and continue to move forward in life and live on like that, not something most real people can do), and overall she never had any stupid moments unlike most other female characters where they just do things that annoy you ( which I know sakura and ino had pleanty of them and even hinata had some. Aside from that, how can anyone just look at her and say shes not more beautiful than everyone else? She just overall has ...more

Why isn't she in No. 1? I mean Hinata is amazing but Konan is so different and like a person said, exotic. Like come on, her hair color and eyes make her so unique. She's powerful and intelligent.

Among ALL the female characters, she has to be one of the prettiest and strongest
Her sharp eyes with the eye shadow, her orange (originally grey) eyes, gorgeous hair, and -if you look up her profile- she has a good body.
She's charismatic, intelligent, protective, and is willing to fight/die for what is right; her loyalty and dedication to protect is probably the strongest from all of them. If I would have (basically) lost everyone and see them die I would most likely go crazy, but she has that strength to keep living (when she smiles before fighting Obito after recalling fond memories).
She's powerful as well, (possibly) rivaling a Kage. I mean she used her 600 BILLION paper bomb technique and using 10 is about a strain to soe Shinobi so... she's strong. Not to mention she STILL fought Tobi afterwards and only died because she was strangled and stabbed through the spinal cord.
So she has ALL three: personality, beauty, and strength.. I like Hinata, but she doesn't have ...more

Konan really is beautiful in her own way. She is independent, not having to relying on Pein's power, and as strong as many other Akatsuki characters. She is not like other girls because she does not need other peoples protection (Sakura needs Naruto to protect her, no offense she's still cool)

6 Temari Temari Temari is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

She should be number one! She's so pretty! Like, I can't even.

I seriously don't know why people think Sakura and hinata are beautiful like common seriously the are not. Temari is the most beautiful character in naruto so I'm not saying they are not this is just my opinion and what about mabui she is very sexy and never makes a list

Seriously! I also find Hinata and Sakura very beautiful, but Temari should rank higher! I mean her eyes are hypnotizing and her hairstyle is just cute and overall she has that badass city-girl appeal, also she has big boobs.. Just watch Naruto SD! Not to forget she's strong willed and is one of the most awesome females!

Well I got to admit she really is beautiful...
And my most favorite naruto female characters

7 Tsunade Tsunade Tsunade is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

If you don't see her as the most beautiful, powerful, and the hottest girl out there are you even seeing correctly

Perverted guys just like her for her breasts but I like her for different reasons

Tsunade had the biggest boobs

Tsunade is my favorite because:

1. She's hot

2. She's mature, but still has a young and sexy girls body.

3. She one of the most powerful kuniochi in the naruto series

4. She's a bad ass fighter

5. And last, but not least... She has humongous and beautiful bobs!

8 Tenten Tenten

To be honest I just love her character and her looks. there is something about her that just amazing

Graceful, not afraid to stand by her male comrades, and has one of the most elegant fighting styles. I mean seriously, she makes weapons, deadly and lethal vessels of destruction, look so beautiful while being used and still keeping their purpose all at the same time! Definitely my favorite Naruto character of all time!

She is by far the hottest girl on my list, and if everyone else disagrees with me, oh well, but personally I think she deserves 1st place

Not only this but her weapons the most badass fighting technique I have ever seen

She has the best eyes

9 Terumi Mei

Hottest looking

She's much cooler and has a tomboy character. I find her pretty spunky and she kinda looks like Naruto twin sister =)

She is tomboy but still has girly sass. Although she might not be the most pretty (Hinata is) She does deserve to go above tenten in my opinion.

Most Red heads are sexy so this isn't surprising. (Kushina Mei Gaara Sasori)

10 Hanabi

She is like a female version of Neji. She is adorable.

Haven't you guys paid attention to the Boruto series? Hanabi has grown into the most beautiful kunoichi (surpassing Hinata in both beauty and fighting skills). Oh and she secretly wants Boruto to LIKE her so that is a plus.

Prettier than Hinata

Big beautiful eyes, long hair, beautiful clan skin and wonderful personality. Strong, intelligent, nice, kind. Absolutely PERFECT!


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11 Shizune Shizune


Shizune is so pretty. Black hair and eyes, adorable fringe and really skilled as well

She is eh cutie pie

Oh she's so pretty

12 Tayuya Tayuya Tayuya is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

She has the perfect balance of beauty and tomboyish cuteness. Also I always loved red hair

So sexy, nice hair, great body, amazing form, would bang

I just Love her personality. She hot and Badass!

So sexy, would bang

13 Mei Terumi Mei Terumi Mei Terumi is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

I would bang her senseless

14 Kurenai Yuhi Kurenai Yuhi

She would even be underrated at no. 2! She looks amazing!

She is very beautiful

She is Beautiful and hot

Goanna not be biased and vote Kurenai who is so pretty rather than a main or my favorite character

15 Hinoko
16 Anko Mitarashi Anko Mitarashi Anko Mitarashi is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Just look at her!

My type of girl 10/10 >3 so pretty and sexy

Real bubbly and cute personality, 10/10 from me

She's cute and all, but she doesn't have the most respectful personality, she deserves a vote. But shouldn't be ranked higher than Hinata or Ino. - LordKeravrium

17 Rin Rin

There's a reason why a villain named tobi fallen in love with this girl

Rin would have been so beautiful if she grew up. If obito saw her he would have been speechless. Her eyes give this feeling that she really cares about obito and kakashi in a motherly way.

Of course... If she removes the purple color in her cheeks

Extremely underrated character in terms of beauty, not enough screen time. (Given more screen time easy top 3.)

18 Mikoto Uchiha Mikoto Uchiha

She is Sasuke's mother

She is like a female version of Sasuke.

Sasuke and itachis mom

I have the feeling that she gets forgtotten really easily. Great that she can be mentioned here. She is one of the most beautiful women in nauto. And I know that I'm not the only one Who thinks like that. But nevertheless she gets overlooked or consodered for not important. I mean ok. She maybe got just 2 or three lines in Naruto and is only known as sasukes and itachi mother. A normal mother that didn't have any influence on the Futurelives of her son. The only thing she had to do was giving birth and doing the household. But that doesn't have to do anything with someones looks. She is beautiful. Having such a unimportant role doesn't make her ugly. To be honest, she is more beautiful that kushina. The only thing that makes kushina attraktive for US is that we all love her. Her character, how she saved and loved Naruto and how she defended herself and others she loved and had Been threated unfair. We all were waiting for Narutos Parents for a long time. Sasukes have Been Shown the ...more

19 Mabui Mabui

She's the most beautiful character in naruto. She's pretty than sakura.

She is very sexy and helps the raikage and I wish she had a lot more screen time

She is awesome


20 Sasame

Deserves to be top 10! Although she wasn't a significant character.

She is so elegant and shy, also a pretty good ninja!


21 Samui

Comparable to Tsunade in a way if you know what I mean

Cool, chill, total sex appeal!

Hottest in Naruto Shippuden

Nice big breasts and ass

22 Karui

What I think is that even for a minor character Karui is underrated. I mean, people only pay attention to Hinata and Tsunade and Samui because of their boobs. Boobs are not everything, people!

Karui is not just pretty, she has a cool personality: A very powerful kunoichi, have you seen her fight? She's really strong and highly skilled.

But she's also physically beautiful. Cool hair, beautiful dark skin, and these golden eyes. So what if she's flat chested? She's still got a nice slim body.

Karui is GORGEOUS. She has these beautiful gold eyes and is slender. She is also spunky and kick arse like nobody before!

Guys chill your tits. Karui was just made for diversity because as claimed by the Naruto anime producers. She is not ugly, in fact she is really pretty and her eyes are life.

She is so hot I think that anyone who sees her will catch fire from that.

23 Naruko

Her pigtails make her look so sexy! She's a total child at heart, and it makes her so cute and pretty.

Isn't that Naruto's Sexy Jutsu? Anyway, she's hot

He is the most beautiful girl in the series. Would eat

Not a real character but nice big boobs.

24 Karin Karin

She's a spoiled stupid whiny bratty annoying obnoxious silly empty headed weak little Sasutard.

Ugh, why is she on this list?


She is pretty too

25 Fuuka

She's sexy... but she is only in the filler

Nah bruh, Fuka should be the first one even though she a filler, I for one that she is the world hottest girl ever! Especially her Execution by kiss!

26 Yugito Nii Yugito Nii

Long blond hair with bandages

To tell the truth she is hot

I think yugito is cute

She's amazing!

27 Princess Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

I don't get why people don't realize how beautiful kaguya is shes sooo


She is the most beautiful girl of the whole series. Hinata is second

She IS a princess

28 Haku Haku

K but like the most beautiful Naruto female is not "really" female.

Hilarious! Haku is a boy, but if he's still pretty.

Um. Haku is a boy.

Haku is so pretty he should be second to hinata...but he is a boy.

29 Hanare Hanare

Hanare must be included among the top 10 because she's more beautiful than the others. Not just beautiful but simple, good, humble and kindhearted.

Hanare is so beautiful

Long green hair

Well I mean according to the anime she’s supposed to be kakashi-level beautiful

30 Hokuto
31 Haruna


32 Yugao Uzuki Yugao Uzuki

I'm just doing this because I love Hayate.

She's beautiful and skilled but why she's so low

She is so pretty why is she so low

She's so pretty and strong

33 Mirai Sarutobi

She I Kurenai's daughter

Huh she's sweet


34 Ameno Ameno

She is very pretty

Nice and perfect body shape (boobs, arms, legs, butt) and of course her face is cute and beautiful... she is gentle and polite...


I think this character must be favorited by all Naruto loverz, my reason is:
1. She is very beautiful (maybe more than sakura, ino, and hinata)
2. Have nice looking and very sexy
3. Have a nice and big boobs.
4. She is medical ninja

35 Fu

How is Fu so low? One of cutest naruto girls. She should at least be in the top ten

She's beautiful and her clothes was so sexy.

She is a cute vivacious girl with orange eyes and virid hair, she is one of the cutest girl in Naruto in my opinion. I don't know why is she so low.

Absolutely cute. She's very attractive in my opinion, and I absolutely love her character design and personality.

36 Sumire Kakei Sumire Kakei


37 Himawari Uzumaki

Really pretty little girl.

She looks like Naruto's sexy jutsu!

38 Guren


She is smart,powerful and as well as beautiful...Her crystal makes her more beautiful then other Kunochis...She should be in top 5...

39 Yodo

She is really cool, like a punk girl

She's Gaara daughter and,Suna's great hope" And she's so cute

40 Kin Tsuchi

Sound diva

41 Tonton

Tonton is adorable! I love piggies!

He's such a cute piggy

Cute pig

42 Pakura

Yep my favorite

She's pretty sexy

She is one of my favourites

43 Yukata Yukata

Team matsuri for lyfe

44 Matsuri Matsuri

She loves gaara

45 Shizuka

Why won't people choose her? She has green eyes like sakura, since only 2% of people in the world have green eyes, that mean the owners of green eyes are special. her hair is pretty realistic, her body is so ideal and sexy. perfect!

Looks kinda like sakura

46 Ryuzetsu

Not so much in the chest department, but has a very attractive face and is pretty caring, unlike some people (looks pointedly at Sakura pre-timeskip)

The kysa girl other than karin

47 Sāra

Must be first

Also a princess

48 Yome

She is a kid. Take her off this list.

Pretty but has a creepy eye jutsu

49 Koyuki

Still a princess

50 Chiyo

Bingo Wings for the win!

Although she is very old, but she is still pretty - NeeChan

Um, I don't think so.

#neechan is right

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