Top Ten Most Beautiful Female Naruto Characters

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21 Karui

What I think is that even for a minor character Karui is underrated. I mean, people only pay attention to Hinata and Tsunade and Samui because of their boobs. Boobs are not everything, people!

Karui is not just pretty, she has a cool personality: A very powerful kunoichi, have you seen her fight? She's really strong and highly skilled.

But she's also physically beautiful. Cool hair, beautiful dark skin, and these golden eyes. So what if she's flat chested? She's still got a nice slim body.

Karui is GORGEOUS. She has these beautiful gold eyes and is slender. She is also spunky and kick arse like nobody before!

Guys chill your tits. Karui was just made for diversity because as claimed by the Naruto anime producers. She is not ugly, in fact she is really pretty and her eyes are life.

Karui is a bitch. people in the comments say she's badass. No she's not. Naruto wouldv'e kicked her ass if he wasn't so nice. She's hot tempered and overall annoying. There's a reason why there's no affection towards her in the show.

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22 Mirai Sarutobi V 3 Comments
23 Mabui Mabui

She is very sexy and helps the raikage and I wish she had a lot more screen time

She's the most beautiful character in naruto. She's pretty than sakura.

She is awesome

24 Himawari Uzumaki

Really pretty little girl.

She looks like Naruto's sexy jutsu!

25 Yukata V 1 Comment
26 Sarada Uchiha Sarada Uchiha

She daughter of sasuke uchiha

She wear a glasses and she have a short hair I things she is pretty she just like her father

She the ultimate ninja hotness baby

The Shippuden version is hot

She is so beautiful

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27 Sen V 1 Comment
28 Sasame

Deserves to be top 10! Although she wasn't a significant character.

She is so elegant and shy, also a pretty good ninja!


29 Yugito Nii

To tell the truth she is hot

I think yugito is cute

She's amazing!


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30 Hotaru

Another realistic character in Naruto

She has big boobies

Damm beautiful


31 Matsuri V 1 Comment
32 Samui

Comparable to Tsunade in a way if you know what I mean

Hottest in Naruto Shippuden

Cool, chill, total sex appeal!

Very pretty

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33 Naruko

Her pigtails make her look so sexy! She's a total child at heart, and it makes her so cute and pretty.

Isn't that Naruto's Sexy Jutsu? Anyway, she's hot

Not a real character but nice big boobs.

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34 Fuuka

She's sexy... but she is only in the filler

Nah bruh, Fuka should be the first one even though she a filler, I for one that she is the world hottest girl ever! Especially her Execution by kiss!

35 Haku Haku

Hilarious! Haku is a boy, but if he's still pretty.

K but like the most beautiful Naruto female is not "really" female.

Um. Haku is a boy.

Haku is so pretty he should be second to hinata...but he is a boy.

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36 Ameno

She is very pretty

Nice and perfect body shape (boobs, arms, legs, butt) and of course her face is cute and beautiful... she is gentle and polite...


I think this character must be favorited by all Naruto loverz, my reason is:
1. She is very beautiful (maybe more than sakura, ino, and hinata)
2. Have nice looking and very sexy
3. Have a nice and big boobs.
4. She is medical ninja

37 Princess Kaguya Ōtsutsuki V 1 Comment
38 Koyuki V 1 Comment
39 Sumire Kakei
40 Guren


She is smart,powerful and as well as beautiful...Her crystal makes her more beautiful then other Kunochis...She should be in top 5...

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