Top Ten Most Beautiful Female Naruto Characters

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41 Shizuka

Why won't people choose her? She has green eyes like sakura, since only 2% of people in the world have green eyes, that mean the owners of green eyes are special. her hair is pretty realistic, her body is so ideal and sexy. perfect!

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42 Ryuzetsu

Not so much in the chest department, but has a very attractive face and is pretty caring, unlike some people (looks pointedly at Sakura pre-timeskip)

The kysa girl other than karin

43 Kin Tsuchi V 1 Comment
44 Yodo

She is really cool, like a punk girl

She's Gaara daughter and,Suna's great hope" And she's so cute

45 Pakura V 2 Comments
46 Yome

She is a kid. Take her off this list.

Pretty but has a creepy eye jutsu

47 Hanare

Hanare must be included among the top 10 because she's more beautiful than the others. Not just beautiful but simple, good, humble and kindhearted.

Hanare is so beautiful

Long green hair

48 Sāra V 1 Comment
49 Kurotsuchi V 2 Comments
50 Fu

She is a cute vivacious girl with orange eyes and virid hair, she is one of the cutest girl in Naruto in my opinion. I don't know why is she so low.

Absolutely cute. She's very attractive in my opinion, and I absolutely love her character design and personality.

Why is she so low on this list?

Yeah, I think she's pretty

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51 Shiho V 2 Comments
52 Yugao Uzuki

She is so pretty why is she so low

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53 Tonton

Tonton is adorable! I love piggies!

He's such a cute piggy

Cute pig

54 Chiyo

Bingo Wings for the win!

Although she is very old, but she is still pretty - NeeChan

Um, I don't think so.

#neechan is right

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