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Sakura Haruno is the main heroine of the series "Naruto Shonen Jump!" and Naruto Shippuden. She is the only female ninja of Team Seven. Her family consists of her mother, Mebuki Haruno and her father Kizashi Haruno. Her clan is likely not very well known around Konoha and up until "Boruto: Naruto Next more.


I'd say she's the most beautiful in Naruto. why not? She's all attractive. in Shippuden Naruto was amazed when sakura tied her hair, her long white neck! Uhm.. green eyes that sparkle, her little boobs and narrow waist that make her body looks cute, -skinny-but-sexy. short pink hair that blows like cherry blossom in spring. she's way prettier than hinata, that's why Naruto never recognized hinata and always looking after sakura in the beginning. even now the handsome uchiha sasuke ended up with her and have 1 child.

For my opinion, I think Kishimoto did the right thing to make Sakura as the Heroine female in Naruto. If it was Hinata, it would be a total boring and useless to watch. We need a character who can entertain us and have a strong will to fight unlike Hinata. Hinata's skills comes from her family. While Sakura's skills, she built it herself and learnt it throughout the episodes. I don't understand why people hate Sakura, I know she's annoying. If I were to choose who's the prettiest female in Naruto, it would be Sakura. It's not just about the body. haters are attracted to Hinata's appearance and from the beginning people were attracted to Sakura's appearance but throughout the show when Sakura shown her true Attitude, people started hating on her like calling her useless. She ain't useless, she won a lot of battles and she is a lot more stronger than Hinata.

She is so hot has curves has long legs rosy sexy lips and legs and finally medium sized breasts I don't know she is so beautiful. She is so sexy has a good ass emerald eyes and a cute smile and her pink hair and sleeveless arms make her such a beauty. She is so hot. She wears shorts that makes her more sexy. I love her and she is the hottest girl. I like her breasts

I absolutely love Sakura. That soft pale skin and petite figure, those mint green eyes, and best of all that pastel pink hair. She is an amazing medic and totally cool. I love how she looks so cute when she blushes and how her Inner Sakura is so funny. This Haruno lady is an awesome character overall.

Come on she is the most beautiful girl and so many boys are after her. Naruto, Lee, in the war another one and even sasuke so 4 are after her and many others said she is pretty so no other girl has got that I think many people are just jealous

I agree she has the prettiest green eyes, and beautiful pink hair. I think the creators could've made her prettier if they wanted too. I've seen so many pictures of her even older online and she looks amazing. I wish they would take that fan art sometimes and use it...

I don't know why people say Sakura is useless, I never got that impression but then I didn't watch the anime. I think Sakura is a very strong character especially when being compare to the two strongest and main characters (Naruto and Sasuke)
Sakura was never really my piece of cake, she was too bubbly, bright and out-there being the more shy and weird type of girl, I couldn't really connect with her, never the less I would stand up for her in a comment-box section fight ever thought I would also stand up for Hinata because that's who I connect with.

Sakura is beautiful short of having exaggerated boobs and I admire her for that. Her proportions are reasonable and she doesn't sacrifice functionality for appearance.

While Hinata grew out her hair to impress Naruto, Sakura cut hers short so that it wouldn't get in the way of her ninja work.

Sakura has that outgoing personality and confidence, which I think multiplies a girl's beauty a hundred fold.

Apparently, there are people who like hinata because shy. what? Think of the shy girl at your school. I'm sure she's lovely, but I doubt you notice HER very much (if at all).

Sexiest girl with medium sized boobs long legs rosy red lips sexy hair beautiful emerald eyes cute smile sexy elegant body so good sasuke is a jerk to avoid her and she is more beautiful, sexy and hotter than any other girl. Wish she was real. I would kis her to death.

A small mouth fixed into a smile most of the time, slightly tilted sparkling minty green eyes fringed with black silk, pink hair that falls slightly above her neck, and a smooth porcelain pale face with a little pointed chin. Petite, but slender with small breasts and a slim waist. Sakura is bold, and carries herself with pride.

Sakura as a character design to me is the most human and attractive, She has great curves, realistic body styling, and a flaw in her forehead that the main love interest Naruto finds charming.

I like her from the beginning and I support her because she is only female who became so strong beside she is very attractive to me and number 1 kick out this hinata from this list she is most ugly ghost I ever see and many mans also proposed sakura before even jiraiya also commented about her attractiveness

She may have short hair and her boobs are not that big but her sex appeal is great... Many shinobis are attracted to her despite having short hair and average boobs... Hope she grows her hair long like before... And in the last chapter of Naruto manga she finally grows her breast... So she became more attractive than before... Hope they will give her more power ups in the part 3... And improve more and more...

She is quite pretty when she is all grown up in Naruto Shippuden and she just have something inside her that makes her cute of course Naruto and Lee will fall for her, Naruto said "her smile is the cutest thing in the world".

Let's face it. Sakura is the prettiest girl in the series. You don't need to have big boobs and a nice body to be beautiful. Being yourself is enough and that's exactly what Sakura does.

Sakura totally deserves top spot you have to love her gree eyes and odd hair colour it is so unique - Katana-Sai

She is the most beautiful girl. Her eyes is so shining. Her skin is white. Her pink hair is pretty. Even though she has short hair, she still beautiful as alway. She is like a cherry blossom. She is like the flower that bloom.

I think she's the most beautiful. I love her pink hair and green eyes *-* I even like her body even though some perverts say that she's "flat" but she isn't. She's totally fine. In the manga she even has curves. But that's not what its important. I like her because shes the strongest and shes really cute

I love Sakura! Have you read fanfictions about her! They really bring out the best & it makes her a character of what she actually is. She's important more than you think! If sakura wasn't in the anime at all think of what will actually happen. It'll be a huge change in the anime and then Naruto wouldn't even be alive or many people would've died that are important. I love Hinata Buh sakura is way better and I love her and that's why. Also sakura is beautiful! Her hair might be short Buh that's makes her gorgeous. In addition to that her emerald eyes are beyond gorgeous. Buh if she had longer hair like Hinata I believe she would be way more gorgeous than her. Don't get me wrong I love Hinata Buh sakura is just more gorgeous if the creator of Naruto would just design her way better.

Unique character design with pink hair and distinctive emerald eyes. If you gave that description, 99% of the anime community would say Sakura Haruno. She's beautiful and a total bad ass.

Sakura is so pretty. She has beautiful, green eyes and perfect face. Her hairstyle is better when she has short hair. She is the best

I love sakura maybe this is because she is the heroine but I must say she is pretty cute and hinata is very shy which makes her unattractive to me and ino looks very ugly

She was kind of a brat in the beginning but she later becames responsible when she felt like a burden and ask the fifth hokage to train her that was kind of shocking I started to like her and then after two years she then had amazing strength that blow the ground in to pieces with just a single punch was just so awesome. Then she became my favourite female anime character.

You can't say Hinata was a failure because she had the potential to become very strong but was too nice unlike the pink haired brute. I hate shy girls but Hinata is a star. She walked up to Pain and could of died protecting Naruto. I bet Sakura wouldn't do that. Sakura is unrealistic too. Who has pink hair? I don't know. I mean Sakura is pretty but... STOP CRITIZING HINATA YOU PEOPLE.

The only reason people like Hinata is because of her boobs. They don't look anywhere else other than her body. Unlike with Sakura, people actually look in Sakura's heart, because SAKURA IS A BADASS!