Top Ten Most Beautiful Flowers

You go in your garden and sometimes you wonder, "what's the most beautiful flowers". Well, find out...

The Top Ten

1 Roses

Roses have a vibrant red (unless their dead of course) and is a romantic flower. The only bad thing about Roses is the sharp thorns that stab you sometimes. Over all, their beautiful. - uncleteapot

I like red roses very much.

Absolutely beautiful. The pastel pink variety are my favourites. They smell wonderful in the Summer breeze. - Britgirl

Really love wild roses. If you'd never seen them, you probably wouldn't recognize them as roses. They're about half the size of a cultured rose, shaped somewhat more like a carnation, and almost cranberry in color. They grow as vines, and will fill trellises or chain-link fences. Soft, beautiful scent. (Think mah girlie side just done slipped out :).

2 Plumeria

It is a small white flower with a lovely bright yellow center. Not only yellow, but a range of red to pink - uncleteapot

3 Hydrangea

The color variation is so beautiful!

What's cool about the Hydrangea is it looks like a bunch of small flowers scrunched up in a sphere. The colours can be Blue, Pink, Purple, Violet and pink - uncleteapot

4 Water Lily

They are beautiful flowers that float on calm water (mostly ponds). There are 3 types of Water Lily and over 80 species. No other flower can match the symbolical importance of the Water Lily. - uncleteapot

They are beautiful and I love the fact that they're on water.

5 Magnolia

The best flowers alive

There are over 200 species of Magnolia and has a legacy of 95 million years. They have long creamy white petals and a tiny bit of red/pink center. - uncleteapot

6 Orchid

Orchids have 23,000 species. The dry seeds of vanilla, which is a species of Orchid genus, is a universal flavour. - uncleteapot

7 Dianthus
8 Tulip
9 Chrysanthemum
10 Bird-of-paradise

Roses suck
violets are okay
but bird of paradise makes them bow down the him

They look like birds. They have a honey touch, nothing not to like about it.

More Beautiful than the Venus flytrap.

The one of the best! Top 5!

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The Contenders

11 Sunflower

I think this is a pretty sweet flower

12 Dahlia
13 Daisy
14 Peonies
15 Sweet Pea (Lathyrus Odoratus)

A most rewarding annual, sweet smelling flowers that continue to reward throughout summer. - Myke1

16 Venus Fly Trap
17 Black Pansy

Cute gothic styled flowers inspiring by the simple ness in development of the color a match for anything. This is what I would get for my house

18 Dandelion

I've always loved that these yellow balls of fluff grew everywhere and made this world feel a bit more happy for me overall

19 Violet

Violets is Jem's favorite flowers.

20 Daffodil

I wondered lonely as a cloud

Complete 1

21 Tigerlily
22 Calla Lily
23 Lavender
24 Bluebell

Very Beautiful Flower

25 Hyacinth
26 Pitcher Plant

I think a pitcher plant is kind of like a hole that covers things.

27 Agapanthus

The nice purple complete flower. Scrething many different ways.

28 Buddleia Buddleia
29 Azalea Azalea
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