Top Ten Most Beautiful Flowers

You go in your garden and sometimes you wonder, "what's the most beautiful flowers". Well, find out...

The Top Ten

1 Roses

Roses have a vibrant red (unless their dead of course) and is a romantic flower. The only bad thing about Roses is the sharp thorns that stab you sometimes. Over all, their beautiful. - uncleteapot

I like red roses very much.

Absolutely beautiful. The pastel pink variety are my favourites. They smell wonderful in the Summer breeze. - Britgirl

Really love wild roses. If you'd never seen them, you probably wouldn't recognize them as roses. They're about half the size of a cultured rose, shaped somewhat more like a carnation, and almost cranberry in color. They grow as vines, and will fill trellises or chain-link fences. Soft, beautiful scent. (Think mah girlie side just done slipped out :).

2 Plumeria

It is a small white flower with a lovely bright yellow center. Not only yellow, but a range of red to pink - uncleteapot

3 Hydrangea

What's cool about the Hydrangea is it looks like a bunch of small flowers scrunched up in a sphere. The colours can be Blue, Pink, Purple, Violet and pink - uncleteapot

4 Water Lily

They are beautiful flowers that float on calm water (mostly ponds). There are 3 types of Water Lily and over 80 species. No other flower can match the symbolical importance of the Water Lily. - uncleteapot

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5 Magnolia

There are over 200 species of Magnolia and has a legacy of 95 million years. They have long creamy white petals and a tiny bit of red/pink center. - uncleteapot

6 Orchid

Orchids have 23,000 species. The dry seeds of vanilla, which is a species of Orchid genus, is a universal flavour. - uncleteapot

7 Dianthus
8 Tulip
9 Chrysanthemum
10 Sunflower

I think this is a pretty sweet flower

The Contenders

11 Dahlia
12 Daisy
13 Sweet Pea (Lathyrus Odoratus)

A most rewarding annual, sweet smelling flowers that continue to reward throughout summer. - Myke1

14 Tigerlily
15 Calla Lily
16 Peonies
17 Venus Fly Trap
18 Lavender
19 Black Pansy

Cute gothic styled flowers inspiring by the simple ness in development of the color a match for anything. This is what I would get for my house

20 Bluebell

Very Beautiful Flower

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