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1 Park Shin-Hye

She isn't the typical beauty... But so charming and irresistibly attractive personality... Once you notice her.. It makes you to keep on seeing her and liking get every time... She can make you laugh cry shyaway... Ammazing dancer... Charming singer... With beautiful curvy structure unlike the idols out there...

Yep she make me feel better

She is really gorgeous!

She is very beautiful girl.
And she kindness heart it make me better.
No matter what I will always be on her side

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2 Kim So Eun

Kim so eun is better than everyone she is very Beautiful and She can have a better future.

Kim so eun is very beauty Because she has a cute face and Specific energy to do

She has a really innocent face and she acts really well too.

She is pretty

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3 Han Hyu Joo

Ya... And she's so cute and her smile is really beautiful

Total gorgeous! She's the finest, clumsiest and one of the most talented actress I've seen. She's a total package! Love you Hyo Joo~

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4 Son Ye Jin

Son ye jin is the most beautiful and the most talented Korean actress.

She's brilliant and beautiful actress.

She's the most beautiful and talented of all actresses and female

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5 Jiyeon

She's cute and beautiful... I LOVE her last dance in dream high 2

She is such a beutifull and sexy girl. She is a singer in a group known as T-ARA. She is tall. And she has this hot body that would take you away from your thoughts she is the hottest one.

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6 Kim Tae Hee

I love her in My Princess because she's really like a princess...

She is South Korea's goddess. She may not be the best actress, but sure as hell she's one of the most beautiful. She is a really nice person too, and she's Rain's girlfriend actually. Love her♡

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7 Lee So-yeon
8 Park Ha Sun
9 Im Yoona Im Yoona Im Yoona is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation and has participated in various television dramas such as You Are My Destiny, Cinderella Man, Love Rain, Prime Minister and I, and God of War, Zhao Yun.

The way she acts are too cute and unique! Whenever I saw her crying can make me feel her emotions.

Yoona is SNSD goddess and her acking skill is amazing. Why yoona is not in the top 10

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10 Yoon Eun-hye

I like her in all her dramas. She is really beautiful as well as an amazing actress!

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11 Lee Young Ae

She has a very tame and beautiful face compared to other Korean actress

12 Moon Chae-Won

If you think Jiyeon, Suzy, and Yoona are good, you're just absorbed in the idols as people, but you've never seen a normal Korean drama for what it is. Moon Chae Won has some of the best connections to the characters she portrays. She's a STUD. Vote an actress. Not a singing dancing idol.

Beauty queen of Korean industry and love her all dramas

She is so beautiful and a great actress

13 Kim Ji Won

Awesome specially in the descendant of the sun!

14 Bae Suzy

She is beautiful inside and outside. Her acting is great and her singing is wonderful. Love her!

She is beautiful in every thing and make me happy

She deserves to be at the top
I love her so much and she's so gorgeus

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15 Jun Ji-Hyun

I've seen her in My Love from the stars. She is naturally beautiful and elegant. Only one lack: she is too slim.

She's amazing! She be much higher ranked

16 Shin Se-kyung

She is beautiful

17 Song Ji-hyo

Song Ji Hyo is one of the most beautiful and charming actresses I have ever seen, a true rare and classsic beauty

Why ji hyo is No 24 she is the Best. She Also succeed in emergency couple and runningman. Ji hyo noona is amazing

18 Seo Ji Hye
19 Jessica

She's so cute! I adore her so much!

20 Han Ga In
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