Most Beautiful Languages

Some of there languages are so beautiful even if you curse it will sound so nice.

The Top Ten

1 Italian

Italian is the singer's language. It's melodic and has pure vowel sounds, ideal for music. It doesn't even need music to sound musical.

A very beautiful language and country

I think Italian sounds so nice I really enjoy listen it, its sounds like the new latin.

I Love the language so much

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2 French

French is so beautiful. It's like every time you speak you're reciting a poem because of how lyrical the language is.

This language sounds just awesome! Plus it's the language of love and aristocracy since middle ages so it seems to me that it's also very prestigious to speak it

The French language is considered as the language of love and romance. When pronounced, it is pleasing to the ear. It is also called the noble language.

French have the most soft sound.

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3 Japanese

Chinese strokes, Hiraganas, Katakanas, sometimes combined with latin words and Arabic numbers (0-9) in one sentence or paragraph. Which language can do this? Japanese.

Japanese have so many words to describe object, and onomatopoeia

I love this language I know how to speak it


I think Japanese is so beautiful because it flows very beautifully everything like water very smooth,very pleasant, very unquire, very soft, very pretty, very relaxing, very peaceful, very colorful,very cute,very adorable, very romantic and very sweet language too this language sounds very peaceful and beautiful I like this language it sounds soft when someone speaks it Japanese has an amazing sound! it has a beautiful sound too I like this language so much sounds so beautiful sounds very unique it's a soft comfortable language to listen to I would like to listen to this language forever this language is so beautiful I love Japanese because it sounds vey beautiful Can you play a clip of the Japanese language I want to listen to that language sounds so beautiful please! Play a clip of the Japanese language so I can listen to it!

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4 Spanish

Italian Nr. 1? I think spanish and french are the two most beautiful languages on earth, then brazilian portuguese and british english.

My native language!


5 Russian

If you have an accent it can sound absolutely beautiful

The richest language which allows the express the full range of emotions.

Very beautiful language. The best to listen to.

Beautiful and flowing

6 Portuguese

Very underrated language, mostly due to the careless treatment it receives from its speakers.

Very melodic

The most beautiful RomanceLanguage.

7 Korean
8 Cambodian
9 Vietnamese

I think that Vietnamese is VERY beautiful. Especially when singers sing in this language.

This is by far the most annoying language on the planet! Take it off the list

10 Swedish

The Contenders

11 Farsi

It is so cool and I love it - 14421442

The most beautiful language in the world farsi (persian)

It's a soft and well pronounced language, there's no trouble to understand what farsi people say. and it's grammatically easy with a rich literature

Hell yeah.

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12 Sinhalese

Very smooth sound and rich in vocabulary

Clear & With Rich sounds

Should be in top 10. A very beautiful language!

It's like modern day sanskrit... so much beautiful sanskrit words in this language.

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13 Latin

This is a guess, but probably there's no other language that can produce beautiful pristine cadences in every sentence like Latin does. I feel a sense of rigor and seriousness but at the same time a fathomless cheer when I hear or read this beautiful language that everybody miss.
I hope someday it resurrects.

14 Icelandic

Icelandic is a really underrated language. It sounds like a fairytale.

15 Dutch

Dutch is really underrated.

16 Czech

Have specific sound and is worth of learning

17 Danish
18 Arabic

Dutch and Vietnamese are not more beautiful than Arabic. - 445956

Calm, heavenly Arabic music.

Read the Koran and you'll understand

The Arabic Language is the richest. Its Caligraphy and writing is super! It was the language of the strongest Empire in Mediaval Era, the Muslim Empire. It is the 6th most spoken language in the World and it is the language of the Muslim Hloy Book, the Koran. It is the language of poesy and art as well.

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19 English

Beautiful and very useful

My language sounds good

20 Chinese

Best language to sing in (especially in Taiwanese accent), along with Japanese. Without so many consonants, it's very rhythmic.

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