Most Beautiful Languages

Some of there languages are so beautiful even if you curse it will sound so nice.

The Top Ten

1 Italian

This language has all: musicality, importance, history, looks good when written. On a latin base, greek, german and arabic words make of this language the best.

Keep Italian in first place

The best

So melodic - blackflower

2 French

All of latin languages.

Sexy and thrilling

Sexy - blackflower

I'm learning French in school, and I love learning it. I'm not still not confident in speaking and writing, but I'm making progess. French is a beautiful language! - ivylee

3 Japanese

Beautiful Harmony is the words for describing Japanese.

Chinese strokes, Hiraganas, Katakanas, sometimes combined with latin words and Arabic numbers (0-9) in one sentence or paragraph. Which language can do this? Japanese.

Japanese have so many words to describe object, and onomatopoeia

By far the cutest language I've heard and want to learn.

4 Spanish

Italian Nr. 1? I think spanish and french are the two most beautiful languages on earth, then brazilian portuguese and british english.

My native language!


5 Russian

It's a very pleasant sounding language.

The richest language in the history of rich languages, maybe ever. Moy yazyk

The richest language which allows the express the full range of emotions.

If you have an accent it can sound absolutely beautiful

6 Portuguese

Very underrated language, mostly due to the careless treatment it receives from its speakers.

Very melodic

The most beautiful RomanceLanguage.

7 Sinhalese

Yup Sound and letters are most beautiful than to other languages. I love

Sinhalese is the most beautiful and the richest language in the human history!. It has all the sounds you find on earth and under the ocean and with the wind. Any one who can speak Sinhalese can easily talk any difficult language on earth because its vocabulary is full of all accents and richly inclusive of very minute expressions too. It is the most difficult language for software programmers to emulate even in terms of OCR character reading because of its vividness. Some regard this language as a fine material for cosmic inter- planet communication.

Sinhalese is a living language too. The language is subject to constant change with the need.

My native language

8 Korean

Yes it's the best especially when I listen to k-pop

Korean sounds beautiful. especially when listening to their ballads.

9 Cambodian
10 Vietnamese

This is by far the most annoying language on the planet! Take it off the list

I think that Vietnamese is VERY beautiful. Especially when singers sing in this language.

The Contenders

11 Farsi

An extremely pleasant and beautiful language. With thousands of years of rich traditions the Persian language has evolved to be very poetic. Even an ordinary conversation sounds like a song.

It is so cool and I love it - 14421442

The most beautiful language in the world farsi (persian)

It's a soft and well pronounced language, there's no trouble to understand what farsi people say. and it's grammatically easy with a rich literature

12 Icelandic

Icelandic is a really underrated language. It sounds like a fairytale.

13 Swedish
14 Latin

Salve quid agis! Bene! Well it seems your doing well.

This is a guess, but probably there's no other language that can produce beautiful pristine cadences in every sentence like Latin does. I feel a sense of rigor and seriousness but at the same time a fathomless cheer when I hear or read this beautiful language that everybody miss.
I hope someday it resurrects.

15 Czech

Have specific sound and is worth of learning

16 English

Beautiful and very useful

My language sounds good

17 Dutch

Dutch is really underrated.

18 Danish

Sounds utterly beautiful...a mix between English and German.

19 Greek

Why so low? - NickVog

20 Arabic

So beautiful

Really beautiful and romantic!

Dutch and Vietnamese are not more beautiful than Arabic. - 445956

Calm, heavenly Arabic music.

21 Chinese

A language of rhythm.

Best language to sing in (especially in Taiwanese accent), along with Japanese. Without so many consonants, it's very rhythmic.

There language is so loud and anoying

I’m proud of my own language and heritage. Hopefully one day Chinese can be more soft.

22 Norwegian
23 Malay

A beautiful language from a beautiful region.

24 Serbian

Sounds like a mix between Polish & Russian. Best south Slavic language, easier to pronounce than Polish or Russian.

25 Romanian

Romanian is a romance language close to Italian and Spanish and can express deep emotions and feelings...

Distinct and sweet

26 Tamil

Far more ancient than most of the languages in this list. It's a shame that it's not already in the list and I have to add it. The sweetest language I have heard so far.

27 Polish

Really beautiful and romantic!

28 Ukrainian
29 Sanskrit
30 German

Yes! it sounds nice when people speak it but when they are angry, it sounds awful and harsh:) This language can sound nice sometimes especially when people talk

Very beautiful but very hard difficult

I can't listen to this language with out thinking of "Get to the CHOPPA! " (That's a good thing :D)

31 Estonian

All hail aksually

32 Bengali

It's alphabets are simply amazing. I think it's the most beautiful language after France, Spanish and Arabic.

33 Hungarian
34 Ancient Greek

If you don't know you must learn it

35 Finnish

Finnish is my native language and in my opinion, it's the most beautiful language in the world!

36 Urdu

Urdu, Arabic and Farsi should in fact be closer together on the list. Urdu takes roots from Persian and Arabic languages. Given the geography of where the language came about it also is close to Hindi but there's also still a big difference between Urdu and Hindi which people don't realise because Bollywood is considered a Hindi industry, whereas if any Urdu speaker watches an actual Hindi film they wont get far. Bollywood is very, very much an Urdu language industry with a strong flavour of Hindi. Other Indian film industries are true to their languages, only Bollywood is famous because it adopted Urdu.

Urdu, Farsi, Arabic and Pashto will forever be the sweetest languages in the world.

37 Cantonese

It sounds like singing a song

38 Indonesian
39 Croatian
40 Hindi

Top class langauge

Why Hindi is the most beautiful language on this planet?
BECAUSE IT IS THE ONLY DEVELOPED LANGUAGE, you don't believe me? Here are some points:

1) You read what you write : I hate this one aspect of English language. How do you justify this. To, do and go, similar looking words, different pronunciations. Use of alphabets which are silent (same with French. The last alphabet is always silent)

2) Easier to learn : Everyone who has studied English(or French for that matter ), know exactly how difficult it is to know innumerable rules. Tenses, singular plural, modifiers, pronouns, parallelism, the number of things to be considered are just phenomenol.

3) You can differentiate among people : "You", whether it is your father or your son, your teacher or your student. English has no means to show respect. Hindi (and French too, with Tu and Vous) have different words ("Tum" and "Aap") specifically made to show some respect and for ...more - vivek0305

41 Sign Language

I am currently learning Sign Language! - Ilovestephanie

42 Hebrew
43 Turkish

Most melodic language in the world.

44 Armenian
45 Pashto
46 Papiamento
47 Flemish (Dutch)

Best language/dialect. - MagmaFox

48 Nepali

Has lots of weird and unique grammar rules and words to make a sentence complete. Sounds most beautiful when spoken. The word order is also unique.

49 Greenlandic
50 Zulu

One of the South African most spoken language.
Most beautiful when expressing love and poetry

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