Most Beautiful Male Iranian Celebrities


The Top Ten

1 Hamid Fadaei Hamid Fadaei

Even better than somerhalder and zac - mikeil

This guy is top 10 sexiest man in the world!

Super model - mikeil

Would you marry me? Lol xx

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2 Ali Tgz Ali Tgz

I seriously bet when he gets older like 21,22 become as famous as Jenner's family lol

Most handsome under 20 boy I've ever seen

He's definitely is the most beautiful boy between 16 to 20!

He defines hotness! He is perfect in every way.

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3 Mostafa Zamani Mostafa Zamani

Persian actor - mikeil

Actor - mikeil

4 Bahram Radan Bahram Radan

Eyes, lips, freckles, laugh lines, abs, arms, voice, acting ability, gentlemanly manners, charisma, kindness; he makes eye contact, has a quick and easy sense of humor, and he CRIES. This man is the Whole Package!

This guy should be #1 in this list

Hmm. What can I say? He is the definition of perfection. Such an amazing and talented actor. He is like wine, gets better with age

Is he really aisan? Hard to belive

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5 Arsalan Ghasemi Arsalan Ghasemi

Persian actor - mikeil

God damn hot and sexy just adorable

Actor - mikeil


6 Parsa Pirouzfar Parsa Pirouzfar

He's a real deal, Iranian are very different from what I imagined our love to you from Norway

Very attractive

This guy rocks!


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7 Mohammad Reza Golzar Mohammad Reza Golzar

Persian actor - mikeil

Actor - mikeil


8 Alireza Haghighi Alireza Haghighi

Goalkeeper of iran national team - mikeil

9 Shahab Hosseini Shahab Hosseini

Persian actor - mikeil

Actor - mikeil

10 Mehrad Hidden Mehrad Hidden Mehrad Hidden is a Iranian singer, rapper, and producer. He grew up listening and composing rock songs. At age 18, He formed the group Zedbazi with Saman Wilson.

Persian rapper - mikeil

Hot but not that handsome... - amber1987

Rapper - mikeil

He is gorgeous and extremely talented.

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11 Mahdi Pakdel Mahdi Pakdel

Persian actor - mikeil

Actor - mikeil

Calm face...

12 Milad Keymaram Milad Keymaram

Persian actor - mikeil

He reminds me of Turkish actor burak - amber1987

Actor - mikeil

13 Mohammad-Reza Foroutan
14 Alireza Jahanbakhsh


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