Top Ten Most Beautiful Miss Universe Contestants of All Time

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The Top Ten

1 Paulina Vega - Miss Colombia 2014 (WINNER!)

A natural beauty. She was born to wear that DIC crown. Finally, a Colombian that can beat a Venezuelan. - WgOFfICiAL

2 Pia Wurtzbach - Miss Philippines 2015 (Winner) Pia Wurtzbach - Miss Philippines 2015 (Winner)

Very very Beautiful

3 Amelia Vega - Miss Dominican Republic 2003 (WINNER!)

A confident beauty on the stage in Panama. Definitely won. - WgOFfICiAL

4 Riyo Mori - Miss Japan 2007 (WINNER!)

Yeah, I put her before Honey Lee. That is ONLY because of the final question. She just was born to wear Mikimoto. - WgOFfICiAL

5 Honey Lee - Miss Korea 2007 (3rd runner-up)

Oh, that stunner. Had trouble in the final question, though, so that's why Mori is Asian champion. - WgOFfICiAL

6 Gabriela Isler - Miss Venezuela 2013 (WINNER!)
7 Kurara Chibana - Miss Japan 2006 (1st runner-up)
8 Sylvia Hitchcock - Miss USA 1967 (WINNER!)
9 Gloria Diaz - Miss Philippines 1969 (WINNER!)

She is a woman of few words.

10 Nia Sanchez - Miss USA 2014 (1st runner-up)

The Contenders

11 Kaci Fennell - Miss Jamaica 2014 (4th runner-up)

She should have won the miss universe. a real person!

12 Porntip Nakhirunkanok - Miss Thailand 1988 (Winner)
13 Maria Poonlertlarp - Miss Thailand 2017 (Top 5)
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