Top Ten Most Beautiful Resident Evil Characters

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1 Jill Valentine

Jill is a cool girl. I'm a girl myself but I really love her like how a boy loves his girlfriend ;) I love her body & her fighting skills.

I make this question

And I'm think jill is the best

Best female character of all time

Jill is amazing!

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2 Claire Redfield

She's very beautiful although she's sort of like a tomboy. but she's really pretty and kind, care with everybody around her

She's so cute

You have got to admit claire is hot as he'll while still being a complete bad-ass and not being slutty! She is just perfection!

3 Ada Wong Ada Wong

She is awesome guys she is the best female resident evil character ever

Great girl in action and cool guns having

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4 Ashley Graham

I love her so much I hate it when she's dies in re4 try to protect as best as I can

Ashley should really be in the top 3 she's hot cute sexy pretty and nice

She's the best I love to stare at her boobs all the time

So pretty but a pain in the ass

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5 Sherry Birkin

Beauty kind of women

6 Rebecca Chambers
7 Helena Harper

Pretty girl... Kind of unstable but... Can you blame her?

She was very attractive, butt was ROUND

She's was hot

8 Sheva Alomar

Should be #1! Best design and personality. - Damien_King6

Sheva was fine... with the next gen graphics she was stunning from her plump lips to the way she switched her hips when she walks!

9 Jessica Sherawat

Really hot and sexy

10 Ingrid Hannigan

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11 The Merchant
12 Fong Ling

This guy is awesome okay

13 H. U. N. K. V 1 Comment
14 Chris Redfield Chris Redfield V 1 Comment
15 Rachael Foley

Love her big butt

16 Christine Yamata

She is the best and very pretty even if she's kinda... Nerdy

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