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21 Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) - Jackie Evancho

Jackie has brought this song back into her current concerts. She sings it beautifully, and with emotion. - BobG

'Just heard this at her Jan 31 Las Vegas full-house concert. No one does it better.

22 Breathe You In - Samantha James
23 Trust - Keyshia Cole
24 Blue Bayou - Linda Ronstadt

Vocally - no one is in Ronstadt's league. Her bands, her song choices, her vibe and most of all that voice. Powerful and Pure - Sad and strong.

Powerful heartbreaking stuff. Pure longing. All her records were superb - rocking or crooning.

A pity that the 11-year olds who populate TTT have never heard of Linda.

25 Adore You - Miley Cyrus

"Adore you" is very beautiful song that she ever sang. I am not a fan but I really appreciate her songs. Especially this one. Lyrics are pretty amazing. Good luck Miley

I love this songs & her sexy moves xo

This is so unfair. Adore You is not just a beautiful song but also a song which she sang so passionly. At least it should be in top 10. I really love her and her music. And this song is best of all. Love you M♡iley

26 Trust Me, I Lie - Nicole Scherzinger
27 Animal - Kesha

I love this song so much

28 I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

Are You kidding this is one of the best songs of all time how is it only #16 THAT IS A JOKE RIGHT

Best love song of all time. I still have not heard anything that have touched my heart like that song.

It's I will always love you what do you expect

The most GLORIOUS song sung by the best female singer in the world EVER!

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29 To Where You Are - Jackie Evancho

From her first self-released album "Prelude To A Dream". Performed occasionally in concert. The most touching song of hers for me. - Trancas

This is another song that no one comes close to what Jackie does with it in concert. People are crying all through the audience...


30 You Will Be Loved - Nicole Scherzinger
31 Bring Me to Life - Evanescence

Should be higher on the list.

32 Problem - Ariana Grande

When I saw this terrible song in the top ten,I died a little inside.

People, look at the title. It says 'All time', you can't say the song is the best song of all time when it's still so new.

One of the best albums EVER! Should be number 1

This is definitedly not the best song ever not even close

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33 My Immortal - Jackie Evancho

Check out YouTube Jackie Evancho my immortal cover. She also does some piano along with singing my immortal. Incomparable. Excellence in entertainment.

Awakening album released on Japan version, also on YouTube.

Jackie on top again!

On the Longwood Awakening in concert dvd and the Japanese Awakening cd.

34 I'll Be Your Love - Nicole Scherzinger
35 Long Long Time - Linda Ronstadt

Several here I've never heard of. Try listening to Linda, she will give you chills. Beautiful woman with a beautiful voice. Kids think the world started when they were born. Aretha, Diana Ross, Oliva Newton John, and Linda. Do a little research.

A rare and remarkable vocalist. You believe everything she sings. Powerful and genuinely heartbreaking.

36 Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

Why isn't this the top song. Christina's vocals on this song are beyond amazing and the song is nothing less than an anthem. It conveys one of the most powerful messages a piece of music could possibly convey and definitely deserves the top spot. Why is Jackie Evancho in every single slot? She is in no way close to ever singing a song as beautifully as Christina did.

Doesn't matter how much she will scream, this song was plain something else when it came out. The entirety of its lyrics alone have been recognized by her peers as something inspiring, and well, check out how many awards to this song has won due to its inspiration.

I dare Jackie Evancho or ANY other singer out there today to sing the bridge of the song like Christina did.

This song is pretty good, and I have listened to it many times. Whenever I hear it, I know that it is Christina Aguilera singing.

Girl I mean how can I not vote for lets just he honest

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37 Angel Love - Samantha James

Beautiful Song! Love it!

38 Landslide - Stevie Nicks

What's the deal with Jackie Evancho? Yes she is a good singer but there are much better female singers like Stevie Nicks who is a legend. This list is a total joke obviously made up by a Jackie Evancho fanatic! All she does is sing cover versions. All truly great singers also write their own material.

Check out Jackie's new album "Two Hearts" - she wrote four of the songs on the album. - BobG

Not every song should be invaded by Jackie Evancho. Especially a song by Stevie which nobody should touch.

Here's the truth: All of Jackie's entries on this list started out as add-ins at the end of the line. Fan voting moved her entries up over a long period of time, while voting for other singers languished and fell behind her. And this is just the beginning. Instead of moaning about Jackie - as honest a performer as exists - pick someone you can get behind and vote. - BobG

I was up in the front row at a concert and got to see Stevie sing this. I was so close I had my hands on the edge of the stage and was getting crushed by the people behind me. Beat that.

What's the deal you ask? I've seen Fleetwood Mac in person, in fact was up so close that I had my hands on the stage too. I loved them ever since they were called Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, and was one of the few people who bought the obscure Buckingham-Nicks album, beat that. I have also seen Jackie Evancho in person; she is the real deal, and she also does write some of her own songs now. No doubt she will also keep doing covers of Classical songs, because you know, people like that Puccini guy, that Ennio Morricone, that Russki Rachmaninof, and that Andrew Lloyd Weber dude could not sing for crap, but they wrote some bangin' tunes.

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39 We Belong Together - Mariah Carey

I love that song, and I like Emotion song to.

Queen will always be a queen

Simply the best!


40 Why - Annie Lennox
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