Most Beautiful Songs from Lana Del Rey

The Top Ten

1 Young and Beautiful
2 Old Money

The List:

1. Black Beauty
2. Old Money
3. Young and Beautiful
4. Shades of Cool
5. American

3 Video Games
4 Ride
5 Born to Die
6 13 Beaches
7 Tomorrow Never Came
8 Shades of Cool
9 Summertime Sadness
10 Black Beauty

The Contenders

11 American
12 Gods and Monsters
13 Honeymoon
14 Salvatore

People should just drop everything and listen to this.
I first listened to it because I read Adele's recommendation on vogue.
Seriously, will be all you listen to for a long while.
None of her songs compare to it.
#2 would be doing time

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