Most Beautiful Songs People Are Unaware Of

The Top Ten

1 Fairy Nightsongs - Stephannie

Divine...what more can I say?

2 Dance of the Wild Faeries - Wendy Rule

Divine and beautiful as well.

3 Man In the Rain - Cara Dillon
4 Lydia Purple - The Collectors
5 A Gentle Soul - Devendra Banhart

You're right. Totally unaware of just how beautiful this song is...Can I vote for the sweet title instead? Thank you so much, poppet. - Britgirl

You know what (can I call you cookie instead of anonymous? ) I had a feeling you were behind this rare and lovely list... - Britgirl

Cookie is absolutely fine with me, Britgirl. Go ahead.

Oh, sweet! Britgirl vote anything you want! When you are in the mood and if you like (ONLY THEN, remember that) listen to the songs of this list. I'm the Anonymous 'cookie' and I also made this one.


6 Make Something Good - Laura Veirs
7 A Little Bit of Heaven - Ruby Murray
8 Just Me and You - Jane Birkin
9 Child of Clay - Ernie Maresca
10 Darkness, Darkness - The Youngbloods

The Contenders

11 Poles Apart - Pink Floyd
12 Breathe - Paramore

An unreleased and generally unknown song Hayley sung during the tough period in her life when she was bullied at high school. Hayley's soft and tender voice is as beautiful as ever here.

Well, I can't say that I like Paramore a lot, but yes, you are right about the singer. Her voice is beautiful. )

13 You - Switchfoot
14 Flesh and Blood - Johnny Cash
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