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1 Violin Violin The violin is a wooden string instrument in the violin family. It is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the family in regular use.

The violin is complete bliss. I love how the notes blend together so beautiful. It kind of reminds me of streams of spilling light over clouds

The violin, is beautiful, breathtaking form of music, that just sounds soothing to one's ear. Personally, I love it more than any other.

Violins are very lovely. They can be used for various different feeling, but probably the most common would be: wonder, and sadness. - thelegendaries101

You know, there's a reason violins have the most solos.

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2 Piano Piano The piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard, which is a row of keys that the performer presses down or strikes with the fingers and thumbs of both hands.

Any song sounds amazing on the piano. It's so versatile. My recommendations for piano covers/songs are Kyle Landry and Jon Schmidt with the Piano Guys. Seriously look up "All of Me" by him. It's heaven.

There's a reason why so many bands use it for their ballads.

But for example of beautiful piano, listen to Maurice Ravel's "Pavane for a Dead Princess". - PetSounds

Indeed beautiful - I couldn't decide between this, violin and guitar.. - Britgirl

Piano's have the most swag of all instruments.

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3 Harp

The harp is an unassuming, humble instrument. In the midst of an orchestra it adds the perfect glittering beauty that no other instrument could produce. I play the piano but I often wish I had taken up the harp. I listen to harp music almost every night to help me go to sleep and it does wonders for this! I puts me in such a peaceful place, just a gorgeous instrument!

Harps, they're my favorite instrument. I like them in use for horror the most, I call it: "Delightfully creepy." - thelegendaries101

Harp is simply so beautiful, so relaxing, and playing it is like being in a dream.

It is a really elegant instrument that is so very soft and sweet, but I am not meaning like a peach,more like Clara/Marie from the Nutcracker scene.

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4 Cello Cello The cello or violoncello is a bowed or plucked string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths.

Comparing this to a violin... I play cello in an orchestra (it's called that but there's only violins and cellos), and nothing can compare to the deep echoing tones that the cello makes. The violin can sound tinny, even by a professional, but the cello always sounds so haunting and gorgeous when played right. I absolutely love the music a violin makes, but the cello is the most beautiful sounding instrument.

I play the cello and it makes the most beautiful sound imaginable now I play violin,piano and guitar and a lot of other instruments on the violin it can make the most awful noises and piano when you finger slides to a different key it's not relaxing at all but when I play my dog always comes running in to hear it she never does that with any other instrument and I'm very advanced in other instruments but the cello is AMAZING!

Cello is just incredible. It has a gorgeous tone that cannot be compared with other instrument. For lyricism, the cello provides one of the most divine sounds I have ever known.

The cello sings like few other instruments, is capable of playing melody and bass lines, can play fast and slow, double stops and above all is closest to the human voice.

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5 Clarinet

You can almost always hear the beautiful tone of a clarinet in any movie soundtrack. It's very versatile and can be used for a variety of musical styles, and not to mention when it's played correctly by a professional it can give off such a rich, emotional sound. The lower tones of this instrument legit give me chills.

The versatility of the clarinet makes it like a friend. It can be there when you're sad, it can be there when you are happy and want to do a jig, and can be there when you just want to chill. It is this versatility of emotion which makes it so beautiful.

I play the clarinet and it has the main parts to movies if you listen to them, but if you play it correctly then you get beautiful sounds out of it. Also it can look hard but it easy once you know what you are doing.

I play the clarinet and I love the way it can play in so many different ways: melancholy, lively jig, smooth jazz, wonderful sweet, warm tones.
Claries are the best!

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6 Flute Flute The flute is a family of musical instruments in the woodwind group. Unlike woodwind instruments with reeds, a flute is an aerophone or reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air across an opening.

What is flute doing all the way at 8th place! I have had the pleasure of playing this beautiful instrument for 3 years, and not only is it a joy to play, but it is so enchanting to listen to. The flute produces a sound like no other- it's soft, nice, angelic, and gives off a fairy tale vibe. Listening to it can put you to sleep or make you want to frolic in a meadow. The flute will always be number one in my book, along with the violin.

Flute is definitely the most beautiful sounding instrument ever created. I could listen its soft and peaceful tone for ever. It fits PERFECTLY on RPG games and there's so many good tracks with this my favorite instrument. I just love it.

I've been playing flute for about 4 years and I love it. it has such a beautiful sound if you know how to play. It takes a lot of work and air but it is all worth it!

This should be on top number 1

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7 French Horn

I'm a teen in a high school band who plays five instruments. Piano, French Horn, Trumpet, Saxophone and Baby Tuba. Out of all five, the French horn is my absolute favourite. It Is so mellifluous, and it creates it's own uniqueness to where it pops out of a group of sounds. These beautiful brass instruments may not be as common to play as the guitar or percussion, yet, it deserves to be close to number one on the list in my opinion. Whoever learns this instrument is astounding because it is even known as one of the hardest instruments to achieve!

I've never heard another brass instrument that can convey the majesty and warmth of the French horn. It almost puts me in dream land and I find myself having to close my eyes and give it my full attention when its played lyrically.

The French horn in my opinion is a very powerful instrument. I love the way it roars above the orchestra and makes the music just that much more exciting.

The horn can play many different things from happy to sad to exciting and everything in between

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8 Guitar

The classical guitar not only has a sweet and soft sound to it, but it can be played with thunderous blasts of the strumming fingers or very light strokes of the fingertips, thus giving it a vast range of expression. It is versatile as an instrument gets.

Guitars are very versatile, with classical and acoustic capable of playing traditional songs. Electric guitars are capable of playing metal and rock powerful enough to make your body move almost involuntarily.

I'm pretty obsessed with finger picked guitar - Flamesofsilver

Guitar just has the best sound in my opinion

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9 Saxophone

The saxophone is a very good looking instrument... The sound it produces out ways. It can produce various timbers.. From heavenly to shrill alarming when needed.

I love the saxophone's sound and look. It's definitely at least one of my favorite instruments - Ajkloth

The saxophone is the most beautiful instrument in the world

I love the Saxophone!

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10 Erhu

The Erhu could be comparable to a violin and a cello mixed together. With similar methods of playing and holding. Except, an Erhu gives off a traditional oriental feeling to it that no other instrument can compare to and it has an exceptionally unique sound to it and is used in nearly all of China's oriental and traditional music. The Erhu in the end, truly is a unique instrument to China's musical history.

In my humble opinion, it is the most beautiful sounding instrument ever. Something in my soul resonates with the sound of the Erhu. I know that over-flowerly but I just can't express enough my love for it.

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11 Trumpet

Trumpets sounds gorgeous as a solo instrument or in a band. The pure tone of a trumpet can ring throughout a concert hall like no other instrument

The trumpet can play everything from brassy fanfares to smooth, mellow ballads. Nothing matches the tone quality of a good trumpet player

Most regal instrument ever

Its sounds beautiful

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12 Shakuhachi

What is this

13 Viola

A significant choice, and much very underrated. I don't understand the hate on them. Very rich, fulfilling sound that is mellow and deep, but not to deep. Beautiful high notes, not to high to burst your eardrums like some instruments. (Cough) violin (cough) A pet peeve of mine is when people don't know what a viola is and gets it mixed with a viola. I was so mad at my project on playing my viola in front of a crowd, I got 1st place, but the judges said BEAUTIFUL VIOLIN! ACK. DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT A VIOLA IS?! I'M ON FULL RAGE IF YOU COULDN'T TELL! AH!


I play the viola, so of course it's going on here! I think it strikes just the right balance, where it wont hurt your ears sometimes or shriek. - keycha1n

Extremely powerful, beautiful and versatile instrument.

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14 Electric Guitar Electric Guitar

This list is a bit senseless because every instrument has some great sounds depending on what kind of music you play. I think that for rock music the electric guitar is the must have instrument.

Depends on what kind of music you're playing. But for most of the time, electric guitar can make all- angry, sad, happy sounds. - zxm


15 Koto
16 Drum

Just Can't believe the drum is so low. - Neeoo

Best sounding musical instrument

Drum is a totally addictive sounding musical instrument. it is the best sounding musical instrument. no musical instrument sounds as beautiful as drums. long live drums.

17 Duduk

One word: NARNIA

18 Bassoon

I don't have an opinion because I can't play but I am only 11 and I might play in band

Just listen to the bassoon in the crops failed track of the Martian movie
Or grizzly hills track from world of Warcraft. Most beautiful instrument in the world, followed by the cello.


19 Guzheng

Most people probably don't know what a Guzheng is, but it's very pretty. It sounds very close to a harp but is plucked harder, but is very pretty.

I love the sound of the Guzheng. - drdevil

20 Oboe

I have been playing oboe for 3 years now and sure, the reeds may be expensive, but once someone gets good at the oboe and good at making reeds, they will have an amazing sound like no other instrument.

Oh! The oboe. It is very majestic and very expressive. People seriously haven't heard of it that much but it is basically the most beautiful sounding!

The oboe is undoubtedly the most beautiful instrument ever created. For proof, try listening to the Strauss and/or Mozart Oboe Concerto.

Oboe is love, Oboe is life.

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