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21 Steel Drum

Beautiful sound! It reminds me of Zen!

22 Oud

This one should be the first, but because it's unpopular among westerns it's not up-voted

One of the best things that arabs introduced to the world, amazing instrument that touches the bottom of your feelings and rise with it to a beautiful world of emotions if played well, should be on of the top ones though...

23 Bagpipes Bagpipes Bagpipes are a wind instrument using enclosed reeds fed from a constant reservoir of air in the form of a bag.

Ross is glad this is on here. You know the song, sing along! E

Amazing grace people that was amazing played on the bagpipes

How is this not higher up? Bagpipes are literally a WEAPON that has given so many soilders moral through out the years that it tops any instrument on this list!

24 Tuba

Tubas are fun to play and they balance out the sounds in an band

25 Trombone

It's a beautiful instrument that is mellow and can play soft music and loud and alarming music at the same time. Called the Voice of God for a reason

The trombone has a very unique quality of tone. It has the most beautiful sound.

26 Ukulele Ukulele The ukulele is a member of the lute family of instruments; it generally employs four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings.

Ukuleles sound so amazing and they are really easy to learn.

Always sound happy and up lifting

I wonder why this is so low.

Grace VanderWaal

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27 Euphonium

This is by far the best. Screw the violin this instrument has the most amazing sound when played right. It's just not popular enough. Euphoniums should be used in orchestras constantly.

"Euphonium" means "beautiful harmony"

The Euphonium should be number 1!

The name literally means "beautiful sound"

Its like a tuba with a higher sound

I can picture my little brother playing this

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28 Organ

The Pipe organ is the most powerful and majestic instrument ever made. It can rival a symphony orchestra by playing the loudest and most powerful thundering musical notes, while at the same time, can play the quietest and most gentle musical notes as well. The sounds offered on the organ are unlike that of any instrument, you get the Strings, Clarinets, flutes, oboes, trumpets, and much more. The pipe organ is a symphony all to itself, and the most beautiful pipe organs are those in Roman Catholic Churches and Cathedrals that are over 100 years old using the ancient gothic designs where insulation is minimal, which really allows the pipe organs to really sing and show off the beautiful sounds they have to offer. Nothing beats a pipe organ. Even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart thought so, and he called the pipe organ, "The King Of Instruments"

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29 Marimba

It's one of the most harmonious percussion instruments. - Turkeyasylum

30 Ocarina V 1 Comment
31 Kazoo

The kazoo is a fun instrument to play. I just can't getting enough of the beautiful sound kazoo makes. Please, vote for it!

The kazoo shouldn't get as much hate as it does. If the kazoo is so horrible than why did Pink Floyd use it in their album a Saucerful of secrets?

Listen to the enter sandman kazoo cover by mister Tim and you'll get my drift

I love this..

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32 Harmonica
33 Bass Guitar
34 Harpsichord

The harpsichord is probably the most beautiful instrument in existence, at least the most beautiful keyboard instrument (pipe organs are angelic too)! Every gentle pluck comes together to form complex, thoughtful music that reflects both the composer and the player. Many people bash the harpsichord for the fact that it can only achieve one volume. However, is this truly a disadvantage? Perhaps the music of composers that can make emotionally active music on the harpsichord with this single volume would be better than the music of the composers who rely on the tonal crutch of the piano...not that piano is bad or anything...but...

Harpsichords have just as much expressive capability as pianos. Best instrument

Harpsichords are awesome.

what the?!

35 Double Bass

Beautiful sound which is incredibly deep. The double bass is versatile and adds a unique string sound to any piece. Hopefully will be getting one soon!

The most important instrument in jazz, and the most versatile in an orchestra!

36 Blues Harmonica

Portable and easy to learn

37 Panpipes
38 Recorder

I don't understand why there is so much hate tooted this instrument. When played correctly, it has the most beautiful sound of any instrument.

Basic, cheap, easy to play. I had a great time learning this beautiful instrument.

Why so much hate?

Bad for music but great for ear rape

39 Balalaika

WHY IS THIS 38th!? Everyone look up balalaika right now on YouTube. By far the best sounding instrument

40 Autoharp
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