Top Ten Most Beautiful Sounds We Take for Granted

All of these wonderful sounds we take for granted but we'd all miss if they suddenly disappeared. What sound would you hate to lose?

The Top Ten

1 Wind

Let's not get potty minded here... I'm talking about the wind that howls outside, through the trees while you're snuggled up in bed.

This can be scary if it's a storm like wind! But wind is a pleasure!

2 Birdsong

I live in such a beautiful, leafy area and the birdsong is amazing. How many of us really take the time to listen to them? Sit out in the garden and just... Listen. It's so beautiful.

I'm outside in my garden, listening to the beautiful sound of birdsong on a really sunny day. Birdsong makes me so happy!

I love the sound of parrots and macaws next to my house

This is so relaxing in the morning!

3 Planes

There is something so wonderful to hear a plane droning overhead, especially on a warm Summer's day while watching a cricket match on the green. Oh...

4 Children playing

This is a great sound when your have a park right behind your house! Certainly the Screaming can be ear piercing but it's nice to hear Children playing and and being so carefree!

Oh, I love to hear childrens' laughter (in the distance of course) or playing football, it's so lovely to hear.

5 Insects

Interesting and Scary because say your an Ant you are so small who knows when a big shoe or toe almost kills you!

Crickets / grasshoppers / bees. The insect world is so fascinating and wonderful to hear.

6 Breathing

Well breathing is important so that's a positive if your sitting beside someone and they are Breathing then it's a good day!

Breathing also helps you figure out where you loved one is & how they are feeling!

To hear your loved one breathing softly by your side is so comforting.

7 Village church bells
8 Music

Some Take Music for granted and don't do enough to enjoy the music and support the Singers.

People are often also to afraid to sing along which I think everyone should experience the joy of singing along & who cares aboot how your voice sounds & your Tone ( I mean sure you may need to work on it) But The best way to enjoy Music is to sign along or dace or move or something don't just listen to music and not take advantage of the Feel of Freedom it has for you!

The music... will it ever die? If we lose the use of our hands, we sing. We lose the use of our voice, we have our hands to create the music we all cherish.

I'd say this was a big one. Sometimes I only acknowledge how talented a song is until I stop playing it. Then I come back enjoying it.

A world without music. Just too difficult to contemplate.

9 Transport

Would you rather walk the dangerous streets or get to places faster?

I would miss the big city traffic so much if it wasn't there anymore.

10 People talking

Imagine for a few moments how horrible it would be if everyone just stopped talking forever... Awful, isn't it?

Ugh! Nothing I hate more than people talking! All I want is to be by myself and have some ALONE TIME!

I couldn't imagine how torturous this would be

I don't know why but this sound have a magic

The Contenders

11 Rain

There is nothing more relaxing to let out emotion than playing an instrument to the background of rain.

12 Laughing
13 Heartbeat
14 Mourning Dove

The call of the Mourning Dove is sad yet conforting, and makes me feel wistful and nostalgic whenever I hear ot. I never want a summer without the sweet sound.

15 Seagulls
16 Waterfall
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