Top Ten Most Beautiful States In India of 21st Century


The Top Ten

1 Kerala

Kerala is beautiful than heaven

His is in every aspects...

I like a kerala


2 Tamil Nadu

People are so good but politician very cheap character

3 Himachal Pradesh
4 Punjab

The punjab is great from all the world love you punjab.

It is the best state whole world

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5 Jammu & Kashmir
6 Haryana
7 Orissa
8 Bihar V 1 Comment
9 Karnataka
10 Assam

The beautiful state famous for tea worldwide

Green place in assam

Assam, the great place...

Beautiful place..

The Contenders

11 Uttarakhand

The land of God and beauty

12 Sikkim
13 Meghalaya
14 Maharashtra

I respect all The states, But to be honest Maharashtra has to be on top. Reason is Simple

Mythical Times : Ever since we know Ancient India, from Aryan-Dravid or Ramayana and Mahabharata. Regions of Maharashtra were border lines. North and South is divided near Maharashtrian borders even though mahasashtra was never a state (Even Karnataka is included). Sahyadri Mountain renge was formed due to Hanumana.

Ancient Times : In Ancient times before 0 because and afterword same history is repeated,North with Maurya and in South Pallava upto recent times of North Mughal and South Vijay Nagar where people were claiming lands from Maharashtra and many battles have been faught. (Same with Karnataka)

Modern History : Everyone knows birth of state of Maharashtra. One of the Epic formation of a state which every Indian should be proud of, Due to great Maratha King Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Only few states have remarkable founders along with Punjab (Sikh Guru Nanak), ...more

15 Rajasthan V 1 Comment
16 West Bengal
17 Andhra Pradesh V 1 Comment
18 Madhya Pradesh
19 Gujarat V 2 Comments
20 Telangana V 1 Comment
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