Top Ten Most Beautiful Tree Species

These days nature gets the short end of the stick (see what I did there? ). social media, the latest gadgets, celebrities, and the world's many political issues are the primary focus to most of us while nobody ever seems to want to stop and smell the roses. Let this list remind you of how nice nature can be. These are the top ten most beautiful species of trees.

The Top Ten Most Beautiful Tree Species

1 Rainbow Eucalyptus
2 Baobab
3 Redwood

I never, ever forget the trees. - GhostBird

4 Banyan
5 Blue Jacaranda
6 Southern Live Oak
7 Bristlecone Pine
8 Japanese Maple
9 Red Mangrove
10 White Poplar

The Contenders

11 Bald Cypress
12 American Sycamore
13 Ginkgo
14 Horse Chestnut

Beautiful in spring in flower. Also very nice in autumn producing nuts and in yellow leaves.

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