Most Beautiful Underrated Songs of All Time

Please listen to every song, then vote on the one that is the most nostalgic / best / most beautiful.

The Top Ten

1 Gabbie June - American Dreams (2016)

Never heard or don't like any of these.

2 Danny Saucedo - Amazing (2012)
3 Chris Brown - Forever (2008)
4 Megara vs. DJ Lee - New York City (2010)
5 Zwette - Rush (2015)
6 Better with the Lights Off - Chris Brown (2011)
7 Do You Remember - Jay Sean
8 Whatsername - Green Day
9 Oh Ms. Believer - Twenty One Pilots
10 Tobu - Waves (2012)

The Contenders

11 Arnold Layne - Pink Floyd
12 Superfast Jellyfish - Gorillaz
13 Figure.09 - Linkin Park
14 Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter (2016)
15 Drowning in Your Eyes - Ephraim Lewis
16 Stay the Night - Benjamin Orr (1986)

I fell in love with this song the first time hearing it and I've been addicted to it ever since. This is definitely one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

17 Stranger Eyes - The Cars (1984)

The Cars are so great yet so underrated. They have so many amazing songs that don't get much recognition. This is definitely one of their greatest and one of my top songs by The Cars. The Cars are and always will be amazing!

18 Best of Us Go Down - Aquilo
19 Angel in Blue - The J. Geils Band (1981)

Very beautiful yet underrated song by The J. Geils Band. This is one of my favorites, without a doubt.

20 Rest Calm - Nightwish (2011)

One of my favorite songs by Nightwish. Just downright amazing!

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1. Whatsername - Green Day
2. Oh Ms. Believer - Twenty One Pilots
3. Arnold Layne - Pink Floyd
1. Gabbie June - American Dreams (2016)
2. Danny Saucedo - Amazing (2012)
3. Chris Brown - Forever (2008)



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