Most Beautiful Websites Based In Nepal

This list contains the top ten prettiest websites that are based in Nepal. These websites are ranked based on their beautiful UIs.

The Top Ten

1 Experience Nepal

This social site is indeed very pretty. It is extremely user-friendly and the UI is just amazing for a Nepali website. 10/10 for Experience Nepal for being very innovative and bold with the design.

Experience Nepal is a social platform to promote interesting things to see in Nepal. First social application for Nepal that is also beautiful.

Quite and interesting website. I Like!

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2 Setopati

Cleanly designed news site. Generally news websites are cluttered with unwanted ads and annoying page layouts. Setopati is very organized.

Clean and easy to navigate.

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3 Ramro Job

Despite cheeky banners on the right column, the website has simple layout and is easy to navigate.

Simple and easy job search site in Nepal. I love this site

Simple but clean layout.

Great website

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4 Mero Sansar

Very clean for a blog. Simple and straight to the point.

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5 Jobs Nepal

Looks much better than it's competitor merojob.

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6 Education Sansar

Colors are peaceful to your eyes! Slightly cluttered but does its job.

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7 Ujyaalo Online

Cleanly designed new site. Easy to recognize grid layout.

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8 Karobar Daily

Another cleanly designed news portal (in English starting page).

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9 Ncell Nepal

Site looks okay for a corporate Nepali design.

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10 Price Nepal

Very simple and clean layout. Top Nav bar is pretty.

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The Contenders

11 Gigajob Nepal

Gigajob Nepal is a new job website for jobseekers and recruiters. It is free, as we want to help Nepal job seekers to showcase their resume and browse jobs easily. Recruiters can also post their job ads for free and find right candidate.

Gigajob Nepal is a part of which is available in 150 countries worldwide in several different languages. - Annythomas

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