Top Ten Most Beautiful Winx Club Girls

A list all the good looking girls from Winx regardless of their role and importance in the actual show.

The Top Ten

1 Stella

She is ugly and SELFISH!

2 Flora

Shes the best

Her jade eyes are big, her pink lips are thinly regal, her strawberry blonde hair is shiny and long, her figure is volouptus and tall, her outfits are very pretty and her nature is idealy creative, polite, songful, humble, beautiful, brave, clever and jolly, better than that Cartoonishly ugly Bloom.

Flora is UGLY! - Sandez

3 Diaspro
4 Musa

She is prettier than selfish ugly Stella!

She is the most beautiful winx... she's just awesome๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

5 Daphne
6 Roxy
7 Galatea
8 Aisha / Layla
9 Bloom
10 Icy

The Contenders

11 Tecna
12 Darcy
13 Mitzi
14 Ashia

Aisha is more beautiful than stupid ugly Flora! - Sandez

15 Nova
16 Chimera
17 Mirta
18 Stormy
19 Ms. Faragonda
20 Ms. Griffin
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1. Icy
2. Roxy
3. Darcy
1. Stella
2. Daphne
3. Flora
1. Flora
2. Stella
3. Diaspro

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