Top Ten Best Beauty Gurus On YouTube

This is my personal favourite beauty gurus on the YouTube.
Disclaimer: If you disagree with any of my picks then please don't be shy to leave them in the comments however this is not a sponsored video and all opinions are my own

The Top Ten

1 Zoella

She is awesome pretty has a amAzing accent and has a lot of subs love her and she loves her viewers she should be #1

She isn't that much of beauty, but she is awespme!

To be honest, I love Zoella, but Zoella is not really a beauty guru. But when Zoe does have beauty tips and tricks, they are amazing! But Zoella mostly makes videos for entertainment and laughs. I'm not hating, I <3 Zoella!

2 StilaBabe09

To be honest, I don't think she's very original. Her channel doesn't present anything new or special, though I see how it might be fun for other people to watch. - keycha1n

Love her so much she is always super energetic

She's fun and girly plus like a bestfriend to me. Sassy and classg

3 Macbarbie07

She is beautiful inside and out and has a lot of great tips to share!

Shes the best of the best

She isn't really active anymore, which is a shame but I do like her older content

Her nicki Minaj transformation was pure trash

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4 Tanya Burr
5 The Luxy Sisters

The sisters, Mimi and Leyla, are amazing people who believe in peace and clean energy and they've started their own hair extensions company.

6 missglamorazzi V 1 Comment
7 Fleur DeForce

Who is this!? Bill from Harry Potter's wife? She's on YouTube? Wow I hated Fleur in Harry Potter so much half veela!

8 Lauren Curtis
9 NikkiPhillippi
10 Beautybaby44

Lindsey is so beautiful and has an amazing personality, so go subscribe!

The Contenders

11 MissMeghanMakeup

Meghan is #3's younger sister. She is so talented and one of the funniest YouTubers I've ever watched.

12 Yunging19

Ashley is very experienced in the beauty community of YouTube as she has been filming since she was 12 years old. She is also so pretty and not to mention hilarious.

13 Strawberryelectric48

Kristee with her unusual user name is very beautiful and has a great personality. So go check her out and you'll be greeted by her usual 'Hey, girl, hey' introduction.

14 bubzbeauty

Bubzbeauty is such a good makeup artist and so inspirational

15 RclBeauty101

This girl is funny while teaching young girls that they can express themselves by being weird and beautiful. She is very entertaining for ages 10 and up. She is appropriate for young girls and has very original ideas that make me laugh. Also, her ideas are naturally beautiful and she always makes sure they are safe. She shows you how to be beautiful. I admire her so very very much and hope you all decide to check out her channel.

I LOVE HER! She is very funny and has amazing videos. She deserves to be at least in fifth place.

I love her so funny and has the best tutorials!

So unrealistic and stupid

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16 KlairedelysArt

She's in a band, has a BEAUTIFUL voice, released the first book in a four-book fantasy/adventure series, is an INCREDIBLE artist, is so original and creative, is generous and kind (she shaved her entire head-not just cut the ten inches-shaved it ALL to donate, AND jump-started a charity for people with dyslexia), she is a breath-taking makeup artist in both beauty and special effects, runs her own blog and deviantART page, and puts extreme amounts of time and work into each and every video. I don't think it's possible or fair to be as gifted and down-to-earth as Klaire is. It simply isn't possible! She's the closest thing I have to an idol, and I respect her immensely! - keycha1n

17 AndreasChoice

Known by fellow YouTubers as ' The queen of DIY' Andrea has some great original ideas to do with beauty, fashion and hair but she's also an amazing artist.

18 Ayydubs

Alyx is so talented when it comes to beauty and has created some very interesting tags so go check her out.

19 Kandee Johnson

Kandee is know widely among YouTube and has some great tips and tricks for everybody so go check her out.

20 ThatsHeart
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