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21 Manny Mua
22 Michelle Phan

She's incredible. She doesn't apply a whole pound face of makeup And persuades you your gonna find the one you love

Mish is the best of the best. An expert in the art of beauty and glamour. Michelle has beautiful looks that I just enjoy watching so so very much.

I love how Michelle isn't like " Hey wassup guys it me Michelke" or something like that. She's so calm

23 Taliajoy18

A very sad death. Was extremely influential to young ladies around the world. Talia Joy, you deserved to live longer. ;-( - PizzaGuy

24 Macbby11

The channel is called AlishaMarie now. Anyway, her videos are original and actually creative, she's hilarious, and her personality is genuine. She deserves every sub she has. - Ku

I hate her. Unrealistic copy cat boring not funny idiot

25 Jeffree Star Jeffree Star Jeffree Star is an American pop singer, songwriter, make up artist, fashion designer and internet personality born on November 15, 1985. more.
26 CiaooBellaxo

Meghan attends the Cosmopolitan school of beauty so she probably knows what she's talking about! She is very pretty, talented and her videos are very good quality. Go and watch her or you're missing out big time.

27 dope2111
28 MeghanRosette

Meghan is beautiful and HILARIOUS. She is an aspiring actress, but also knows so much about beauty AND style! She posts 2 or 3 times a week, and always makes me laugh.

Amazing you tuber and really sweet amazing as ever team Meghan and Olivia

29 MakeupbyMandy24

I feel like she's growing up a little too fast. I tried to too, its just that I wish id embraced being a kid when I was a kid. - keycha1n

30 Makemeblush

I wish I spoke German. She gives amazing advise but I have to make it out by trying to figure out what she did!

That's my brother's girlfriends! She lives' in Germany but comes to visit us Christmas! Nadine is awesome!

31 grav3yardgirl

She is a walking personality! Just funny and outspoken! - keycha1n

32 Mylifeaseva V 1 Comment
33 Adelaine Morin
34 CloeCouture

One of the first beauty gurus I subscribed to. I watch her less now, but her videos have a certain appeal. - keycha1n

35 KrazyRayRay
36 Beautyliciousinsider
37 Promise Phan
38 Allthatglitters21
39 Juicystar07
40 Cutepolish

A role model to me for many years! - keycha1n

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