My Take On Child Beauty Pageants

Hello y’all. I’m back for another dreary post that will successfully waste something like 56 hours of your life.

Anyways, I saw this thing on another site doing other things, and it said something about child beauty pageants.

Now, this opinion may be unpopular, but you wanna know the one thing that ticks me off about child stars? Along with acting like spoiled brats, being attention whores or having extremely annoying high pitched voices to the extent where you need a psychiatrist to get their voices out of your head? It’s how they freely market themselves and their bodies in media.
Now, look, I don’t have anything about starring kids on TV. A Disney Sitcom? Sure, go ahead (I cannot believe I just said that). Advertisements? That’s fine too. But you what I do have something against? Child Beauty Pageants.


You wanna know why? Because it’s simply disgusting. Seeing kids on these things makes me wanna vomit. I don’t care if it was consensual or the parents forced them into it. It’s vile and should be made illegal.

In these shows, children aged from 6 years or older, compete to see who’s the prettiest/hottest/most beautiful/most athletic. It’s basically Miss World for Kindergarteners. The children are judged and rewarded based on appearance and appeal. Most of them are girls.

The main reason I can’t stand this is because, it promotes pedophilia. You have nine year olds wearing bikinis observed by hundreds, maybe thousands of people (depending if it’s held at a stadium and/or filmed on TV), judged for who can bring the best outward show. I don’t like it all. These children dress up to, what, satisfying a bunch of sick minded adults? There are also chances that creepy old men around 30-80 are staring at them, and planning to kidnap them and rape them. They’re kids for fudge’s sake! Let them be kids! Let them do kid stuff like sprawling around the hall in wheelie chairs and making paper airplanes. Let them roll around in mud and squirt pugs with waterguns. And for some reason, the very narrow minded parents of these children gasp when someone mentions anything about sex infront of the very same children, when they’re promoting them in sexual ways without realizing. Fudging arseclowns.

It gives a bad message to preschoolers and elementary students. According to pageants, the only way to succeed in life is to have a nice body and expose it everywhere so that others can admire it. Take this example. Your friend Jenny, 8, watches a CBP. Jenny learns that you should expose your body in front of adults so that you will be loved. Jenny goes out to play with her friends at the park. While she waits some creepy old guy comes along and asks her, ‘Hey kid, mind if I take some pictures of you?’ Jenny says, ‘Yes, because it is the only way to succeed’. The old guy grins and goes ‘Hey, I have a prize for you. Come along with me’.

You can guess what happens next.

Another possible effect it could leave on toddlers is that they are left feeling inadequate – and not enough – compared to the models seen on TV. This leads to consistent body shaming, anorexia and lack of self esteem. They will try so hard just to feel equal that they may even go overboard and try cutting. You may remember that previously, I stated that Barbie was the reason girls cut themselves. Same with pageants.

The parents of these children are selfish arseholes. They encourage their children to humiliate themselves just so that they can get rich, or just because they’re attention whores desperate for being noticed. They don’t care that they’re giving out the identities of their children as long as their wallets are heavy. In fact, they even treat their kids as cash cows and punish them for not being ‘attractive’ enough. That’s basically like child prostitution. To all f*gs doing this to their kids, get a freaking life. Your children are human beings, not objects. They’re not your property. For those who pull out the ’I’m the parent, so the child has to do what I want I want him/her to do!’ card, shut the hell up. They have rights too, and you aren’t entitled to use them as assets and material goods. What surprises me is that these retards aren’t arrested for child pornography. Because that’s what they deserve.

For the kids who do win these things, they become so attention obsessed that they begin to act like spoiled brats. They don’t ever shut up. They look down on others and try their best to humiliate and destroy the lives of others. They become bullies and hurt people badly. And when charges are pressed against them, they can pay bail or maybe their fan base may hold protests against the police for arresting them. They lead to even worse role models for tots.

To be honest, why do we even have child beauty pageants in the first place? All they do is ruin the lives of children and fill narcissistic parents’ bank accounts. You’re ruining childhoods everywhere and just making kids look stupid. If you wanna be in a pageant, go ahead, but don’t drag your children in it too. Children shouldn’t have pageants. Period.

Yeeeeeeah..*stretches arms* I’m done here.

You have successfully wasted something like 56 hours of your life reading this.

(By the way, I was wondering if this was the longest post I’d ever written, but I checked and saw my 200 Follower Special is the longest, with 2,286 words. Wow)

Anyway, as Nigahiga would say, teehee!


Oh God, I hate this sort of thing. It sexualizes children. And I agree, the parents are selfish. Nice post. - visitor

I know, I feel like calling CPS on these people - TwilightKitsune

I agree. Child Beauty Pageants may seem so innocent and cute in the outside, but there are chances that pedophiles would watch it. And It leads to body shaming and possibly, prostitution. One time, I wanted to join a child beauty pageant when I was nine, but I was rejected because they said that my skin colour isn't white enough and my body isn't tall or skinny enough. That's just racist! I think everyone should be treated equally without judging their looks. The pageants in a nutshell:
"You must be attractive to live happy and If you're average looking, your life will be bland and sh! tty(the Bart Baker references😂) - MLPFan

F*** those idiots. You are amazing just the way you are, and anyone who tells you otherwise needs their ass handed back to them. Absolute retards... - TwilightKitsune

These shows are disgusting. I remember seeing one of these a few years back called Toddlers And Tiaras on The Learning Channel (yeah right). To date, it is the worst American T.V. show I have ever seen. - visitor

It's cancerous - TwilightKitsune

I googled this thing and I must like "what the hell is this...". - visitor

I feel sorry for you - TwilightKitsune

These shows are honestly why TLC needs to just be shut off the network. - Swellow

It makes people dumber - TwilightKitsune

I was hoping you would say "dummer"... - EliHbk

I'll hand it to you; you're a good social critic ;). - CrimsonShark

Thanks m8 - TwilightKitsune

I completely agree, although some parts were exaggerated to me. But, yeah, I agree completely... the brat part, the pedo part, etc. I've though it for years. - EliHbk

Its torture - TwilightKitsune

Whoever invented beauty pageants, is not beautiful on the inside. - Skullkid755

This piece of poetry is love and life - TwilightKitsune

I don't think this piece of poetry is a child molester. - Skullkid755

These things have always creeped me out, even when I was a kid. I always felt like it was horrible to expose children to this. It's not exactly helping the morale of an adult when they're in a pageant, but at least it's their choice. Really, you shouldn't pay attention to a person's looks, if they have a great personality (like you),that's more important than a dumb pageant. - Elric-san

Thanks for saying I have a great personality <3. Yeah, I agree! Screw pagents! - TwilightKitsune

Why did I just attend one during my Bohol trip? - Neonco31

You poor thing - TwilightKitsune

The world needs more people like this.. great work, Twilight. - MLPFan

^w^ - TwilightKitsune

Admin would love to watch one lmao - visitor

Noncemin would love it, yeah - TwilightKitsune

Imagine not thinking of that - visitor

I hate child beauty pageants. - Sunwhisker

Who invented them in the first place anyway? - TwilightKitsune

As Bart Baker said:
"Objectifying girls is rude. We have personalities too! We're more than hot bodies." - RoseWeasley

I agree. Child pageants are disgusting. But please don't use f*g as an insult (sorry if I sound like a SJW) - RoseWeasley